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Skills and Arsenal of a Web Designer

Jun 21, 2008
Web design is such a lucrative and very profitable business. Even for designers that are starting out, there are still a lot of opportunities to enjoy. So for every web designer that wants to enter the industry, here are some tips on helping you succeed in this business.

Inner Game

This is the way you think about your business. Even if you're just a one man web design company, treat it as a business. Also, web designers are very creative so there should always be a way for web layouts to be created. Your imagination is what gets you paid, be sure to use it in times when clients are hard.

Business Relations

As a business, web designers sometimes need countless of hours talking to clients. Asking for their requirements and specifications about the web site. Never let clients get to you if they are being hard. Always remember that clients are always right.

When clients took the time to give feedback, reward them back with appreciation. Believe me, its a lot better if clients give honest feedback, good or bad, so you can save a lot of time and avoid regrets in the end. And also, feedback makes you a lot better as a web designer.

When You Say It, Do It

If you state a deadline of a project, do it. By all means. You will earn their trust. It is also the secret for referals because they know they can count on you.

The Web Designer Tools


Web designers can not live without graphic application. using a top notch graphic application is a good investment in this business. Stick to one graphic software and master it. There is no best tool actually, master one graphic tool and be good at it and the rewards will be great.

Photoshop is good for web layouts and retouching images.


Illustrator is great for icons and graphics, vectors and most especially print media. Make sure to know how to use this software to expand your graphic design skill.


It is said that when the internet reaches web 3.0, all websites will be in motion. What I mean is that web sites provides information by means of videos and motion graphics. So be sure to learn this tool.


A web designer is not only for graphics. You should also know how to put your design into reality. Dreamweaver makes it easy for designers to convert their layouts to code because of code snippets and easy to understand work area.

I Got The Tools, Now What?

Practice, practice practice. Practice makes perfect. There are tons of tutorials on the net today and it only takes a simple click of a button to get a hold of them. Most web designers learned it this way so it is possible you can become a great designer using that way.

Good luck on your web design career.
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