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A Gift On Facebook

Jun 21, 2008
It is an internet phenomenon that is changing the way people take part in social networking and Facebook is also changing the way people give gifts. With Facebook, you can give a wide assortment of gifts to anyone in your social network, and all of them are free of charge. This is a great way to give a unique gift this year.

Naughty Gifts are the gifts you give to those people who understand your cheeky sense of humor. They are gifts that range from Popsicles to creamy goodness. One aspect of Naughty Gifts is the private gift function, which allows you to give gifts to others without other people on your network seeing.

Hugs are something everyone loves to get and Facebook gives you the ability to give and receive hugs from anyone in your network. Sometimes even a virtual hug can mean a lot to someone.

Flowers are universal as a gift, both in the virtual and real world. Facebook takes that concept and puts it into an application that can be added to your profile, which allows you to give flowers to anyone in your network. The cute aspect about flowers is that people do not know what the flower is until four days later when it blooms. It adds mystery and surprise to an old real gift staple.

Hatching eggs are not real gifts in reality, but on Facebook they can be a cute animal to add to your profile. Hatching eggs work much the same way that the flowers do in Facebook. A recipient will get a hatching egg and over the course of four days they will watch the egg crack until the prize inside is revealed. The prizes range from little ducks to horses.

My Garden is a Facebook application that gives others in your network the ability to place things in a virtual garden. These can range from sunflowers to garden gnomes. Another application that does a similar thing is the Aquarium application. This application lets users put fish in your fish tank, which is displayed on our profile for others to see, much in the same way as the My Garden application.

KissMe is similar to the hugs application, in that it gives those in your network the ability to plant a kiss on you, virtually of course. It also has a private setting so you can hide who you got the kiss from, or the person giving the kiss can keep his or her identity a secret.
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