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5 Things To Avoid When Designing A Website

Jun 21, 2008
It is not always necessary to hire a website designer once you decide that you want to go online for either profit or fun. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind when you design your website and that is the visitor experience. Online visitors are very selective these days and it takes only a second for them to click away from anything they don't enjoy.

Here are some things you should take into account in the design of your website to make sure that your visitor has the optimal visitor experience and stays on your site to see what you have to offer.

1. Don't have too many flashy headers on your website.

Too many colours and a header that flashes and is way too busy will probably irritate your visitor to the extent that they will go and look for another website on the topic that they are searching for. Too many flashy colours can make your website look like a first grader designed it!

2. Don't clutter up your web-pages.

Don't have too many banners, ads or unnecessary images on your site. It is much easier to read content when there is plenty of white space around the text. Using too many graphics or ads can mean too many interruptions in the content and will be very confusing for your visitor.

3. Don't use backgrounds that are too dark.

Have you ever visited a website that had a dark (black etc) background and where they use yellow and orange colored text? Then you will know that it does not make for an easy read! If you want your visitor to read what you have to say, then do it so that they can read without having too much of an eyestrain.

4. Don't use graphics that take too long to download.

I personally have encountered a lot of websites in my time on the Internet where I had just clicked away from someone's site just because their graphics took forever to load. Don't make that mistake! If you know that your graphics are taking to long to load, use and image editor or something similar like a GFX Writer to edit the image so that it will be smaller and not take up so much download time.

5.Create a header graphic that is simple and elegant

The first thing a visitor sees when they land on your page, is the header at the top. They say first impressions are lasting so you want your visitor to take you seriously when they see your header. The header graphic could be the make or break in the decision whether they want to stay and hear what you have to say or not.

It is better not to have a header than to have one that makes your site seem unprofessional.

In conclusion.

If you want your visitors to take you seriously, especially if you are selling products or services, make sure that your site conveys the essence of what you are about without overwhelming your visitors with image overload.
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