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Starting Your Own Collecting Club!

Jun 21, 2008
Maybe you don't feel you are much of an entrepreneur, but that doesn't mean you should refrain from starting up your own antique button club. There are millions of antiques lovers just like you and thanks to the Internet, it's so easy to connect with them.

Why not speed up this process of meeting those who share your same interest and start up a club of your own? If you haven't thought about taking such an initiative before, here is a list of the many benefits to beginning your own little network of antique button lovers.

1.It's fun!

The most basic advantage to starting up an antique collecting club is its plain fun. No matter what your interest or hobby, it's always a blast to talk to people who share your love, make new friends, and learn more about antique buttons. If you have already spend a lot of time nurturing your collection, why not be more active and interactive regarding it? Whether you want to start up a local collecting club for your town or begin an online community, there's very little hassle compared to the reward.

2. Job opportunities

By beginning a collecting club for antique buttons, you will likely be involved in creating a charter and you might even apply to be a not-for-profit organization! These kinds of practices can help you out in other areas of life, particularly if you're interested in business. Consider a collecting club a fun and safe way to get to know how to organize people and causes! For those of you just introducing yourselves to the job market, the fact that you started up a club is a great thing to put on a resume. Additionally, businesses that sell antique buttons and whatnot might take a liking to your club and offer your members great deals! How cool would it be if a company sought to partner up with you?

3. Enhance your own knowledge and collection of antique buttons
This really goes without saying, but it's of course one of the greatest benefits to starting up a club. Best part is, as the owner of the club, you get to exercise a great deal of control and will access all kinds of information, deals, and news before other members.

4. The Internet makes it easy.
While you might be interested in creating a local organization with bylaws, etc, you can create just as effective a collecting club with the Internet. E-mail lists, message boards, chat rooms, etc, can all be supplied via a web site of your own. You don't have to go through a lot of the traditions and logistics and legal work to make your club a reality if you don't want to.

So if you love antique buttons and you have the time and energy to put together a collecting club, why not? It will be an equally amusing and edifying experience and with today's online resources, you likely won't find too much burden in it.
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