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Auto sales training on what kills car salespeoples paycheck

Jun 21, 2008
From average to superstar salespeople and everywhere in between salespeople have the habit of grouping their customers. But there is a significant difference in how these customers are grouped. Here is a list of how average and below average salespeople are grouping their customers.


Tire kickers

Tire Kickers

Tire kickers

It's this type of categorization that's killing the average car salespersons paycheck. But what about superstar salespeople in the car business? They view all of these same customers into one group. And it's called BUYERS! All of these customer will end up buying a vehicle now or sometime in the near future.

Guess what the "lookers", since they are looking to buy they will end up buying now or in the near future. The ones you call "tire kickers" will also need a vehicle. And those credit criminals will somehow get approved and start driving and the shoppers will get their new car as well. The only question remains will the sale go to you or the car salesperson down the street?

A list of how successful car salespeople groups their customers

What about the superstars in the car business? How do they group their customers? Well it's quite different then the list mentioned above. Below is how successful car salespeople categorize their customer base.






The above list is in order with the highest closing ratio group being first. The further you go down the list the harder it is to close those types of customers. Another thing you should notice is that the last group is "walk-in customers". If they are the hardest to close then why do average salespeople spend all of their energy on this one group instead of the more productive ones? If you're an average salesperson wake up and start focusing more on the productive groups.

Quick tip: The top 4 groups have a lot higher closing ratios then walk-in customers. So focus and spend more of your time on customers that are easier to close.

This quick tip can literally double your income. It might not sound like a big deal right now, but it's a lot more important than you think. If you're used to earning $35k a year, you can easily earn $70k in the car business just by switching your focus to more productive customer groups. This is not a joke. We have done the numbers and this is very realistic. But don't take this the wrong way. I didn't say to stop taking walk-in traffic. If you're free then take as many as you can. But just change your focus to more productive groups and I guarantee your income in the car business will soar.
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