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Is it Possible to Create a Large Income Online Without Any Personal Selling?

Jun 21, 2008
There is a secret to making money in a sales type of business even if you don't like to sell. It is about delegating jobs you are not good at or don't want to do to people who do enjoy it and are trained to do it.

The way to leverage your time is to have trained professionals do all the explaining,answering questions,and close the sales including walking the new person through the sign up process. So many marketers out there are approaching their business the wrong way. They just don't realize that, with a little planning on their end, they could be marketing their product "hands free"?

No calling strangers. No buying leads. Just responding to prospects who contact them after studying their offer. And the whole process might take them all of a few hours a week just to manage.How is this possible?

Technology is the answer. Technology allows us to work smart instead of way too hard. There are systems out there which allow you to do this. One example is GRN Team Builder, recently launched to help Global Resorts Network representatives automate their businesses.

GRN Team Builder offers an "automated prospector" to GRN representatives so they do not have to spend all of their time on the phone. This allows them to devote more time to marketing their GRN business. In addition, GRN Team Builder offers a plug-in marketing solution that allows members to begin driving high quality traffic to their automated prospector the very first day. This traffic is converted into leads which are then contacted automatically by Virtual Assistants.

One of the greatest points of failure for most attempting to earn income from home has to be prospecting. It is truly difficult to find the time to sort through all the "leads" to find real qualified buyers. Add to this the fact that most people have no desire to be thrust into a "sales" role, and we have a real problem.

When prospects respond an ad placed by a GRN representative using GRN Team Builder, the Virtual Assistants do all the talking for them. The Virtual Assistants are trained professionals who answer all of your prospects questions and close the sale for you. So if you joined GRN and decided to utilize GRN Team Builder...what do you have to do?

It's very simple...utilize the tools provided by GRN Team Builder to drive traffic to your site...sit back...and collect checks...$1000 per sale plus $1000 overrides on all your affiliates sales. One affiliate who makes one sale per week just created $52,000 per year income for you. It is an extreme leverage situation.

Once you set your business up properly, making money truly is a passive process.
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Jeff Goodman is a Coach for Abundant Wealth. He lives in Hawaii by a waterfall. Find out how to create a six figure income with an automated online business where trained professionals close your sales for you. You earn $1000 per sale to infinity.
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