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Voice Actor Blogs on the Rise

Aug 17, 2007
Over the past year, there has been an incredible adoption of the creation and consumption of blogs worldwide. Blogs are generally used as online journals for individuals and tend to form a community around the person writing the blog posts and their audience. Corporate blogging is used to give customers a means to provide feedback and to help with product development while getting to know the company better.

According to blogging authority Technorati, as of September 2nd 2006, they are tracking 58.2 million blogs, a number that continues to enjoy exponential growth. As of September 1st, Feedburner, an online media distribution tool, manages over 389,325 unique feeds, serves 236,632 publishers, and over 21,933,188 subscribers to blogs, podcasts, video podcasts, and more.

The entertainment industry in particular has seen a sharp rise in the number of voice actors blogging about the industry, opening up about their careers, recording techniques, and sharing trade secrets with aspiring voice actors entering the field of professional voice acting. A great deal of social networking has occurred as a result, introducing isolated voice actors to each other, giving them a means to reach colleagues who live next door or even thousands of miles away.

The blogosphere is now recognizing that voice actors have unique voices, both behind the microphone and in their daily observations.

A recent post on VOX Daily asked its readers to comment with the name of their blog, the web address of their blog, and to detail what they write about. The blog post included a reference to the blog of voice actor Bob Souer, a voice talent blogger.

Bob had published a post about fellow voice actor David Houston, directing his audience to a fresh look at how to get into the business of voice acting. David Houston hosts his blog on his website. David uses his blog to help direct traffic to his main website.

Donna Papacosta introduced herself to other voice talent bloggers leaving a comment about her blog. Donna is a voice actor and communications consultant. She produces her own podcast in addition to blogging, a multi-pronged approach to reach her customers online and on their iPods. Donna's blog and podcast focus on communications topics, including writing, speaking, marketing, and podcasting.

Wayne Henderson shared both his website and podcast with VOX Daily. Wayne's podcast discusses the infamous TV show LOST, Ballroom Dancing, Kiefer Sutherland's show "24", the Green Bay Packers football team, and his journey as a voice talent. Wayne likes to keep on top of blogging and podcasting news and is excited to learn more about his colleagues.

Voice actor Karen Commins, writes about her life as a voice actor and focuses on helping fellow colleagues to develop a healthy and fulfilling voice acting career. Karen feels that through her blog she is helping people interested in voice-over on a much greater scale than she could achieve on an individual basis.

Journeying along the same road is Glad Faith Klassen's blog "Heart Talks". Glad, broadcaster and a voice actor, uses blogging to share her feelings on a personal level about her faith, people she meets and how they affect her life. G. Faith's blog is hosted on her website. She loves getting comments from people who tell her something she wrote 'resonated' with them.

Voice actors who want to share their experiences and insight with other voice actors discover that starting a blog is the perfect way to connect with others while giving something back to their community. A blog performs multiple functions as mentioned earlier, including a creative outlet, a means to communicate, a nurturing environment, networking opportunities, and contributes significantly to search engine rankings.
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Stephanie Ciccarelli is the editor of VOX Daily, and VP Marketing of Voices.com, hosting more than 7,000 professional voice talents. Stephanie is also the author of The Definitive Guide To Voice-Over Success and The Voice Over Script Collection.
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