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What In The World Is ZenZuu?

Jun 22, 2008
Have you taken advantage of the free marketing that the social networking sites offer? If so, you know how powerful they can be with driving traffic to your site and exploding your exposure. But, what is the big deal about them and especially this ZenZuu?

Most importantly, these social sites allow you to join them for free, meet other people with similar interests, have them as friends, promote your business or whatever you like, and just network with the world. The most popular sites like MySpace and Facebook are huge and are free. And so is ZenZuu. But how do they make money?

These platforms make money from the advertisers who pay to be on the site. So, the greater the site membership, the more looks the site gets. The more looks it gets, the more the advertisers want to be seen too. As a result, they pay big bucks to be on the sites where the world hangs out. Knowing that, maybe now you can see how MySpace is generating about $70 million A MONTH! The owners clearly are filthy rich. But, one company, named ZenZuu, noticed something that neither you nor I ever thought about; paying the members who use the site from the advertising revenue!

Zenzuu.com is a NEW Social Networking website, similar to the other social sites where from a user standpoint, the concept is basically the same. However, it is the only social networking site that pays you to get sign ups and remain 100% FREE!

Zenzuu gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with a massive global community anytime, anywhere. Unlike other social networks, the company allows you to make money just for doing the same old things such as creating a profile, signing others up as well as the ability to take part in the Ad Revenue Sharing. ZenZuu.com gives you all the standard features you'd expect such as the ability to share your pictures, videos, music and more. Whether you want to make new contacts for business or for pleasure ZenZuu gives you all the tools necessary.

As a business owner, I am always looking for more and better ways to promote my business, just like you. Since you now know how ZenZuu works, it will be left up to you to decide if you want a piece of social networking's Trillion Dollar pie. If you're like most people, you ABSOLUTELY do. Hands Down!
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Tracey Walker is an Expert Internet Network Marketer who loves networking and meeting new people. To learn more about ZenZuu's FREE membership and how you can make money from networking, click this link ==> What Is Zenzuu?
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