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Can You Handle the Truth About Host4Profit?

Jun 22, 2008
Okay, of course we try to keep unique when we overview companies, but it's a little different when the initial thing we noticed was the Valuable Bahamas Stay displayed on the left side of Host4Profit. So of course, we had to click on the "Check Out Our First Winner".

Alright, It was me (Brian Garvin), haha, but I wanted you to evaluate my pictures from the vacation which was sublime and I have to offer appreciation to Allen Says and David Hasbrouck for funding that stay.

We still wanted to overview the Host4Profit Global Website Hosting Company, owned by David Hasbrouck who has eight golden years of programming and Website Hosting experience under his belt on the internet, and give you a more excessive view of Host4Profit's income opportunity. Indeed, there are a few so get prepared for a few other choices.

The initial thing we suppose we need to let you know was that Host4Profit is not in anyway shape or form an MLM Company. It pays one-level at $10.00 each month each referral. Perusing over this, you could actually earn $1,000 each month simply by referring 100 people. Please Note, that would take work, so let's think a little more realistic in the beginning.

If you could find just 10 people a month starting in January, you would be making $100.00 each month at a progression and by the end of December you would be making $1,200.00 a month. We know a lot of people that would love that extra money every month including myself, I certainly enjoy the checks I get each month from them.

Although this is not the only form of income on the Host4Profit website, David Hasbrouck offers different things you don't evaluate really anywhere else. They have what is called Plug-in Profit Sites, and where as other companies do have this type of innovation, we found that this enterprise has a product within each Plug-in that no other competitor has on the internet. Although we can only evaluate four of them; eBay Secrets Revealed, E-Mail Marketing Strategies Revealed, eBay Marketing Secrets, and Internet Cash Machines.

Not one, but all of these can be placed on your website and sold, for most of them you keep 100% of the profits for each sale. Now let's get serious for a bit, how many websites can you think of that will allow you to have four businesses already setup and ready to sell that can be placed on your domain just for getting a hosting account? Well, the only one we know of is Host4Profit, and being that they've been doing credible business since the year 2000 in the business world, they definitely are notable.

You'll be able to go over to the website and check out some of the testimonials and just read some of the distinguishing reasons people like this enterprise. We recognize it may not be for you, but we stillwork recommend that you at least take a glance at it when you can. For $24.95 a month you can hence turn this into a full time organization. Refer 3 and your Hosting is Free. It is very convenient and easy to stick a small button at the bottom center of your website and build this business on complete auto-pilot.

Not financially in your budget right now? That's okay too, but remember that $10.00 per referral deal per month, if you bring three people in and you'll never have to pay for hosting again since they don't even charge your card once you break your monthly payment threshold after three referrals.

All this sounds great, the Bahamas were fantastic, but at the end of the day, you have to be comfortable getting involved with any company. So as always check out their website and make an informed decision that works best for you and your family.

The Host4Profit prices and comp plan have stayed the same since the year 2000, which speaks volumes about the stability and integrity of this great company.
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