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How To Put Yourself Back In Control

Jun 22, 2008
Having a strong database of people who want to buy from you is amazing. If you see a quiet month coming up you just send an offer out to your database and your booking diary and sales sheet will instantly be filled...

A strong database eliminates your downtime and it can maximize the time you do spend with clients. Whether you use your database to get more appointments, to sell more or even just to educate your clients, if you have a database that wants to hear from you, you are in control.

The biggest point about databases is that both quality and quantity are important but in different ways...

If you have 100 people on your database and you typically get a 1% response rate. Now in case you don't know, your response rate is simply the percentage of people on your database that will 'respond' when you send something to them. So if you send information about a new product, what percentage of them will buy it. If you send them an offer on one of your services or treatments, what percentage of them will book in.

So if you've got a 1% response rate and 100 people on your database, it means 1 person will 'respond'. For example, if you send out an offer to your 100 person database for a $50 treatment, 1 person is going to book in and you'll make $50. But (and this is where it gets exciting) if you have 1000 people on your database and you do the same offer and you still get a 1% response rate, then you'll end up with 10 people booking in and you'll make $500.

So in terms of quantity, more is always better than less. But quality is even more important.

Because lets go back to the 100-person database and the $50 offer you send out to them. If all of those 100 people are incredibly interested in what you do and you get more like a 40% response rate, then even with the small database of 100 people, when you send out your $50 offer, you'll get 40 people book in and you'll make $2000.

So quality is ALWAYS more important than quantity because the less people you have to contact to get those 40 bookings, the better. If you only have to contact 100 people to make $2000 on a promotion rather than several thousand people, then you'll save time, energy and money while still getting the same number of bookings. Which means you get more in your bank account while you get to take more time for yourself!

But what you might have figured out already is that when you combine both quality AND quantity, amazing things happen.

Lets take our large database of 1000 people and use the same $50 offer and the same 40% response rate. That means that when you send out the offer, you'll get 400 people book in. And if you can accommodate all of them, you'll make $20,000. And that's amazing!!!

Now you might be thinking you don't have enough time or inclination to take bookings for 400 people. And that's fine. This is where it comes back to you needing to decide what you want out of your business in terms of how much time and energy you put in to it and for what income reward.

The point is that when you truly understand the power of your database and you start to build a strong, highly responsive one like I did in that first clinic, then YOU are in control. You decide how what offer to send them and then you decide whether you want to send the offer to all of your database or just part of it.

Building that strong, responsive database is you taking control of your business again. And you deciding what results you want from it.
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