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Jun 22, 2008
In order for your restaurant business to prosper, you really need to focus in the area of advertising. Don't make the mistake of thinking it is a waste of money or you will put your business in a very difficult position. Nothing is worse than the doors being open and the staff ready but no one is coming in to eat.

Many people read the newspaper on a daily basis. Advertise your business locally in that so you can reach the people that live in the area. Ask the newspaper if they can complete a press release for the business as well. This will be a write up that includes information on who the owners are as well as the types of foods being offered.

Advertising doesn't have to be expensive in order to reach plenty of people. If you have to skip the TV commercial due to the cost you can still use calendars and pens. These are two items people always need to use. Each time they go to write something down on the calendar they will see your information. When they reach in their purse for a pen it is your business name they will read.

The focus shouldn't be just on your local customer base though. There will be plenty of people traveling through and you want to encourage many of them to stop in. Billboards, hotel menus, and advertising online call all help you to reach this customer base. It doesn't matter if your customers are local or not, they have to know you exist in order to decide to stop in.

Don't overlook the advertising you can do online with a website. You don't need anything elaborate but it does need to be professional. Offer information on the location including a map so people can easily find you. Include pictures of the restaurant so they know exactly what to expect when they step inside.

Too many people think a website is a good idea but have the notion that it is going to cost them too much money to implement. Find yourself a reliable freelance worker that can complete it accurately and professionally. They will charge you less than half the cost of a regular website business and be just as efficient.

While it does cost money to advertise for your restaurant it is an investment you can't afford not to make. People have to know that you are open for business in order to stop in and enjoy a meal. Even if they read the initial information in the newspaper that you are open they can forget so continue to remind them.

Don't overlook the importance of monitoring how well the advertising is going as well. One way to do this is to have surveys on the table for customers to complete. One of the questions should be how they found out about your restaurant. This way you will know which of your advertising methods you should continue using.
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