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Buffets Restaurants Are Really Becoming Popular

Jun 22, 2008
Buffet restaurants tend to be very popular with people these days, so that may be an approach you want to take with your business. People like it because it offers plenty of variety, they can feed those with a large appetite for a decent price, and they can immediately access their food without having to wait. For individuals with children this is often very important.

It is definitely nice to get the foods you want in the quantities you like. Some people want a double scoop of mashed potatoes with very little gravy. Others want to have more meat and fewer side dishes. Creating your own salad is very appealing as well because there are ingredients in salad that not everyone enjoys. A buffet gives you the opportunity to try new foods too that you likely wouldn't order off of a menu.

There are consumers that despise buffets though so you need to be prepared to handle them. They feel that if they wanted to wait on themselves they could have eaten at home. Sometimes a buffet style of meal offers a challenge for parents of young children and the elderly. You may want to have staff readily available to help them carry plates and anything else they need assistance with.

You definitely need to know what you are in for with a buffet restaurant. You will need to order enough food to supply a good selection of items. You also need to pay attention to how much of it you should have readily available. You will cut into your profits if you are continually throwing out food. However, you will anger customers if you don't have enough to meet the demand.

Sanitation is a very important element of any buffet restaurant. You will need to train your staff to remove plates from tables as customers finish with them. Wiping down spills on the buffet line is important too so it will always look nice. Make sure you have plenty of plates on hand too as customers will need to get a new one each time they go to the line. Pay attention to any issues that need to be identified in the buffet area so you can immediately resolve them.

It can be easier for you to implement some elements of a buffet service into your restaurant but with some other options too. You can offer a buffet for those that want it and a menu for those that don't. Make sure you give them the option so they will feel in control of their dining experience. Those that are in a hurry or extremely hungry may want the buffet one time and a menu order the next.

Others only offer a buffet for lunch time due to the large crowd they get of people with only an hour to get there, eat, and get back to the office. A Sunday buffet for the crowd that generally goes out to eat after Church services is a good option as well. If you are interested in offering a buffet set up you will need to look at all of the benefits of it as well as the work involved.

Buffet restaurants can definitely help you to offer your customers a good selection of food. It also allows it to be readily available and your kitchen staff won't be under so much pressure. However, a buffet isn't going to work with some types of restaurants or even with the atmosphere you may want to go with. Only you will be able to determine if a buffet style of restaurant is going to work well for you.
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