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Falling in Love With Chain Restaurants

Jun 22, 2008
I have to tell you that I love eating out. I seem to always be on the go for one reason or another. Cooking just feels like a waste of time in most instances as well! I definitely love to eat at chain food restaurants though as I like to know what I will be getting from the experience. I didn't have a good time when I recently ate at an unknown diner while on a shopping trip.

I was shocked when I got a huge platter with more food on it than I normally eat all day. I was also disappointed as the chili was different than what I am used to. Instead of something homemade with green chilies and pork that I get from my local diner, I am sure this particular chili was from a can that they just heated up.

This is the type of scenario that makes a chain restaurant so appealing. You know exactly what you are going to get when you walk in the door. The menu, the portions, and the ingredients are all going to be the same. There is no guessing as to what you will end up with or surprises along the way.

People often have to travel to other locations where they may not be familiar with the restaurants in the area. It can be for personal fun or for business related needs that you are away from home. Eating is just something you will have to do at a restaurant when you are traveling. It can be difficult to know where to go to enjoy a quality meal. Many people will gravitate towards chain locations that they are familiar with the name of.

Most chain restaurants are well aware of this fact. They capitalize on it by offering logos that people easily recognize. A child may not know how to spell McDonald's but I guarantee you that even a two year old knows what those golden arches mean when they see them. People associate the quality experiences they have had at such locations and they are willing to repeat them again and again.

This can really work to the advantage of the owner of such a restaurant. They don't have to prove themselves as a quality place as this has already been established for them. They will also have the right equipment to operate the business and training on the best practices to implement.

If things aren't going well for that chain restaurant name though it can have an adverse affect on everyone. The media tends to swarm over issues about people getting sick eating at a particular chain restaurant, sanitation issues, and special circumstances that come up. The image that the public gets from such information can adversely affect your level of customers.

In theory, you always know what you will get with a chain restaurant. This can be a safe bet and you can get your favorite items. However, you also miss out on the experience of trying new restaurants. You may soon discover some of them are much better than the chain restaurants you have been visiting for years.
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