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Menu Changes Can Be Costly to Your Restaurants Bottom Line

Jun 22, 2008
Most people do have a couple of favorite restaurants they enjoy eating at. They love certain foods that are offered there. In fact, they may go there just for those items and they tend not to try anything new on the menu. So it can be hard for them to swallow when they come in and find you have changed things.

There are times when you are going to need to make such changes to your restaurant. You may buy different ingredients or you may be looking for ways to save money. It is important though that the quality of what you serve doesn't suffer due to such changes. It is going to affect the amount of money you make if people stop coming in. All of your changes need to be for the betterment of your restaurant.

These types of changes aren't always for the worst though. You may be improving the quality of the foods you offer. As a result, your guests are going to be happier than they ever were before with their meal. Make sure that you pay attention to the responses you get from customers about such things. The wait staff will likely get most of them and they need to be reporting them back to you.

Most restarts offer a good selection of foods on their menu. If you have particular items that you do get orders for very often, you should consider removing them. Give your customers some choices they will end up being excited about. You can offer some of these items at a discount price initially to see how well they will do. If you find they are hot sellers you can add them to your regular menu.

Prices tend to be a touchy subject in any restaurant. As the cost of the ingredients and supplies you use go up, you will make less profit. There will come a time when you have to increase the prices on your menu. For the most part, your regular customers are still going to come in. Be prepared for some comments about it as well as inquiries.

Carefully consider what items you want to increase the prices on and how much. Don't be greedy and just make price changes to increase your profits. You also want to try to do a very moderate price increase across the board if possible. If the jumps in prices are just too unreasonable you may lose customers that have been dining with you for a length of time.

When you make these types of menu changes, you need to get new ones printed up. It doesn't look very good when items are crossed out, prices are written in, and old items are still on the menu. This can all be very confusing to your guests. Since it does cost money to make your new menus, go over all the possible changes you need to implement so you won't need to redo them in the near future.

There are plenty of benefits that can come your way when you make some changes at your restaurant. You do have to be prepared for the possible negative changes as well though. There are some changes you will do to improve things and others you will do out of necessity. Both are a part of the daily operations for such a business.
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