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Are Paid Surveys The Real Deal Or A Waste Of Time

Jun 22, 2008
Ok for many, many years I was constantly confronted with the slogan Make Free Money Online with Paid Surveys. Oh yes Paid Surveys, Paid Surveys, Paid Surveys. I would see this constantly repeated in my email inbox as people were trying to tell me that you could actually make Free Money Online with these Free Paid Surveys.

Naturally, I was skeptical and just disregarded these Ads as foolish people trying to hawk their products and make money off me. It wasn't until last year that a friend of mine suggested that I really try these Paid Online Surveys and GPT Sites (Get Paid to)and see what they were all about. Well on a whim I decided to sign up for a few of the Paid Survey Sites and Gpt Sites that were supposed to send Paid Surveys to my email. Of course I was convinced they would just take my email and spam me to the end of time with ads and other useless crap.

Well you know what happened? To my astonishment I actually did start to receive Paid Online Surveys! Yes, that's right. All these years I just assumed this was a scam of some sorts without any validity or credibility. Why shouldn't I? I had NEVER met anyone that was actually making Free Money Online with these Paid Surveys.

But now I was and it was really nice. At first, the Paid Online Surveys were low paying ones and took me a little time to fill out and complete. But as time went on the more Surveys I completed the bigger and higher Paying Online Surveys I would receive. And the quicker I became at completing them. And best of all it was totally Free to join these Paid Survey Sites and make Fast Free Cash.

Just recently I completed an Online Focus Group Survey for $125. It took one 1 hour and 15 minutes. Not too shabby. Most of these Paid Online Surveys average between $2 to $10. And that's for just a few minutes of work. Are you gonna make a million dollars with doing these Online Paid Surveys? NO!

But I have found that it is a worthy program where you can earn a Legitimate Online Income anywhere from $100 to $1000 or more per month from Home with just a little work and time. And this can be accomplished month in and month out.

In the last year I have really worked hard ( not really ) in making a successful business with these Paid Online Surveys and have Earned some nice Free Money Online. It has been very consistent for me as well as rewarding. Its important to know that I signed up for over a hundred in the beginning and spent countless and countless of hours going through each of these Survey Sites and figuring out which ones were better than others. Which ones were the highest Paying ones.

OF course the only way to do this was to actually go to the Survey Sites and take the Surveys to see which ones were the cream of the crop. It took time but I did find the very Best of the Best and have stuck with these survey Sites myself. I think anyone who is in the need to earn a Legitimate Online income should definitely consider this small Online Business of Paid Surveys and Gpt Sites. That would include stay at home moms, students, teenagers, or just any soul who wants to Make Free Money Fast.

The flexibility and Freedom in pursuing this small Online Business is really hard to match. All Survey Sites and Gpt Sites are Free to join. The ability to start doing this immediately with NO specific job requirements makes it fantastic.
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