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SEO Technique For Better Search Engine Ranking

Jun 22, 2008
How many people can answer the question why websites require high search engine rankings? May be the question sounds silly especially for people who are in the search engine marketing field but I think most of the people don't know the proper meaning and use of search engine marketing.

Why do people make websites? The answer is simple. Maximum people make websites to give traffic to that website so that people can know more about the site. So how to drive this traffic? One easy way to drive the traffic is better search engine rankings.

If you get a good search engine rank with a particular keyword then with that keyword when people will search in the search engine they will get your site. Higher is the ranking in the search engine better is the probability for clicking your site. So always try to get targeted keywords for higher traffics.

So the bottom line is for good traffic you will always need a better search engine ranking with the targeted keywords. And if you get good traffic then naturally you site will become popular and you can earn money from this site.

The process by which we get high search engine rankings is a part of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is the process which maximizes your chance of getting good traffic from higher search engine rank. It also optimizes your site and maximizes the chance of getting inbound links to your site from other related sites.

Optimizing you site means basically on page optimization. On page search engine optimization means placing your targeted keywords on the title, description and keywords of the metatag for different pages of the site. The keywords should be placed in such a fashion that it should look meaningful especially in the tile and description of the metatag. You should also remember that keywords you are using in a particular page should be at least related to that page. If this rules are followed then on page optimization will definitely help you to improve search engine rank of your site.

Inbound links are off page search engine optimization. This is another type of search engine optimization. In this optimization you will try to avail maximum inbound links to your site. But remember you should always get links from the related sites. Irrelevant link exchange can reduce your hope of getting good search engine ranking. Also remember to rotate the anchor text for different sites. Don't make link exchange of link building with only one keyword.

Inbound links (also know as backlinks) are always highly beneficial especially the one way link back links. One way link is you are getting links from the site but you don't have to give links to that site. Naturally the search engines will not think you to be a spammer and you can also acquire good number of inbound links. More the number of related inbound links better is the search engine ranking.

For better traffic always try to submit your site on the local related directories or local general directories. It will definitely help you to get more traffic.
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