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Blogging To Build Your Business Empire!

Jun 22, 2008
Now I know you've probably heard about what blogs are and you've probably even read a few but have you ever considered starting your own? Probably not but maybe you should. First for the uninformed I'll explain what a blog is. A blog is essentially a journal or newsletter that is regularly updated by the person who posted it. It's meant to be an informal posting on a particular subject. It might be politics, sports, religion, or even mountain climbing in the Himalayas. A blog can be about what ever you want it to be including your business or product. Blogs offer people the chance to post stories about their own business experiences. They do this because their readers can relate best to each other and understand the trials and tribulations each other faces.

Blogging is a chance for you to tell your story to a much larger audience than you would normally receive. It's a chance to spread the word about that incredible new product you've developed. And best of all you can tell your story in your own words which can be a lot of fun and very fulfilling.

Nowadays a blog can be fairly easy to setup. There are a number of companies that offer ready made templates to use for your blog. Some are free and some offer their service for a small fee. Sites such as Blog City, Blog Spot, and TBlog can help get you started. But if you want to make money off of your blog then you'll need to be careful when choosing a host for your blog as some of them will use your blog to post their own advertising instead of you being able to do so.

But once your blog is up even if it isn't immediately generating much traffic you can set up your advertising. You can sign up with a pay per click program or pay per impression. You can join an affiliate program. Or offer ad space directly to advertisers; although when your blog is new don't expect much interest in it from that route until you're more established.

The whole point of a blog is to become known for what you do or the knowledge that you have. By establishing a business blog you give yourself the opportunity to show your readers why they should listen or buy from you. You can use other people's blog sites or if you are a bit more ambitious start your own! Either way it's about getting more exposure for you, your business, and your product.
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