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How To Get Free Home Business Leads And Influence People Using Online Forums

Jun 22, 2008
Forum marketing is one way to generate free home business leads for your network marketing business or any home business. It's simple, easy, affordable, and sometimes you end up building lasting friendships as well.

3 Great Benefits of Forum Marketing

Before we proceed to forum marketing tips, let's help you get the right mindset first by exploring the various benefits you can enjoy through forum marketing.

1. Test Audiences

If you want to know the opinion of your target market, you can do that right away with the help of forums. Simply start a thread, explain your motive behind the exercise, and then post the link where other people can give their reactions.

One nice thing about forums is that they're populated by people very much willing to give their opinions. Indeed, by asking them for their reaction, you get their appreciation right away. Who knows where that might lead in time?

2. Recommendations and Suggestions

Forum marketing is also an excellent way of garnering advice about network marketing techniques or issues you may have problems with. If help is what you want, help is something forum members are certainly willing to offer. You just have to ask nicely for it!

3. Network Building

Forums are a nice place to meet all sorts of people. Not all of them may be ideal prospects for your network marketing business, but most of them surely know one or two who could be. But first, you have to build relationships with them. Gain their trust. Be their friend. They'll do the rest without you having to ask it.

How To Engage In Forum Marketing

Introduce Yourself

Most forums have threads where new members can introduce themselves. Make a post here, reply to those who welcome or greet you in return and then proceed to participating in other threads. Share a little information about yourself and proceed gradually. You don't want them to think you're too aggressive or desperate!

Display Your URL Prominently

In most cases, you can post your website URL on your profile page and signature. These two are more than enough to let other people know where to contact you.

Play It Safe

Avoid offering subjective opinions in any of the threads. Even if people posting the question have stated their willingness to hear the truth, few of them realize how hurtful the truth can be. Play it safe by being objective. It's also very easy to get yourself misunderstood so if you're uncertain of your answer, silence may be the better response. Remind yourself that you're here to promote your network marketing business and not to make enemies.

Contribute If You Can

If you can't contribute then don't! Useless answers will only be a waste of time to everyone concerned, and you could end up alienating people even with your good intentions. You want to establish yourself as an excellent source of information for a particular niche, an expert of sorts even, but what you don't want to be known for is a know-it-all.

Avoid Self-Promotion

Let your answers speak for themselves. If all your posts have contributed valuable information, readers will soon consider you a trustworthy source. If they want to know more about you or your business, they can always click on the link leading to your website.

You don't have to promote. In fact, you must never self-promote because again, you put yourself in danger of coming across as desperate.

Do these and you're sure to succeed in forum marketing for your network marketing business!

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