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The New Craze, Cash Gifting For Extra Income

Jun 23, 2008
With all of the so called "opportunities" out there, can cash gifting be a legitimate home based business alternative, often overlooked as an easy way to make extra income?

People from every walk of life are looking for an easier way to make extra cash in a world economy that appears to be going in a negative direction. In the United States inflation is rising at an alarming rate, the housing industry is at a 25 year low and the ever growing fear of a looming recession grows stronger and stronger with every passing day.

Many have tried the latest home based business opportunity, work at home offering or the newest MLM business phenomenon only to find they just don't have the time nor money to invest. Often times the business acronym to succeed is somewhat lacking and the would be entrepreneur finds him/herself floundering without direction or support. This leads us to cash gifting as the ultimate work from home opportunity. With the proper support systems in place it will change your life forever and provide that extra income without a huge time and money investment.

So, What exactly is cash gifting?

Cash Gifting can be defined as: The act of privately or publicly giving another person or entity a declared sum of cash, (as a gift) and giving it freely without coerce or consideration. Cash gifting is in no way a loan or any type of payment for goods or services received. Now guess why it's called cash gifting, because that's exactly what it is. No strings attached.

Is cash gifting really legal?

Real cash gifting is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme. Keep in mind I have used the word "real" at the start of the last sentence. A "real" cash gifting program has all of the parts and pieces in place to make it a viable opportunity, the "back office" so to speak.

As a result the member does not have to do a huge amount of work to make a huge amount of extra income. All a member should have to do is promote the opportunity, with the leadership team doing all of the legwork including talking with new prospects and closing the deal.

In a pyramid scheme only the people at the top have an opportunity to make money. In a "real" cash gifting program all members have an equal opportunity and ability to make money. A "real"(there it is again) cash gifting program deals with real people making real money, often times daily, and the ability to have cash gifts delivered to their door each and every day never ends.

A "real" cash gifting program is based on the constitutional right of all individuals being able to gift property, assets and/or cash to anyone they wish as long as it is done in a way that follows IRS tax code guide lines. The IRS tax code protects both the giver and receiver equally.

Now that you know the facts, what should you do and who can get involved?

It's undeniable, people from all walks of life are getting involved with cash gifting as an alternative to a home based business. People from around the world are finding cash gifting to be an exciting way of increasing their net worth with very little effort. It's a fun and very rewarding experience and that's the reason it is growing at an unbelievable rate. What makes this opportunity so real and head and shoulders above a standard home based business opportunity is that; the system is in place and the member never has to do any selling. The member never even has to follow up with the prospect, as that should all be handled by the leadership team. Again, all the member should have to do is promote the product, cash gifts, as they feel fit. Life does not get any better or easier than that.

Remember this: If you continue to do what you have done in the past, will you be where you want to be in the future? Apply that little phrase to any opportunity and see what can happen.
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