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Rotary Paper Trimmers Make the World Go Round

Jun 23, 2008
The main benefit of rotary paper trimmers is their utility and versatility. This is because there is a wide range of paper trimmers to be found, even on commercial levels. Those who use this type of equipment often do so for everything from school projects to photography to working with larger pieces of lamination.

Because of its laid back approach, paper arts have become quite popular for a large number of people. An example of this is scrapbooking and other similar pastimes. To get a high quality professional look, many opt for special equipment such as paper trimmers to create nice, clean cut lines.

A trimmer of this nature can work with the average eleven inch paper size, although some trimmers work with twelve inch sizes or larger. Though they can come with the ability to cut a dozen sheets of paper at once, the equipment is best used for merely trimming or shoring up straight lines. There are some models that offer self sharpening blades to ensure that one gets an evenly sleek cut every single time.

As many have come to find, it is well constructed rotary trimmers make all the difference in the long run. Those who purchase such equipment that is of less quality tend to end up disappointed after their trimmer quickly becomes dull or falls apart. A dull blade creates a cut that can seem rather blunt or jagged, giving work a less than appealing quality.

The most common features of a high quality paper trimmer are sturdy bars where a well built cutting head glides back and forth freely. In some cases there may be double bars and an area for aligning different sizes of paper. Models can sometimes even come with a handy clamp like mechanism for holding papers securely in place as they are being trimmed.

Another convenient feature on some models is the rubberized feet that keep the unit from sliding around while in use. This further ensures a cut will be sure and true with no opportunity for missteps that result in having to find a way to save a project, if possible. Finger guards not only keep hands safe, they make sure the paper is not accidentally smudged by fingerprints.

Extended use of rotary paper trimmers means that one will eventually need to replace the blades in order to ensure consistent, good quality cuts. Even though blades can be rather pricey for a trimmer, it is strongly recommended that one always invest in blades of durable quality. Cheaper blades often do not last long and replacing them often can cost more money than a quality blade that lasts a good deal longer.

When an individual is looking to do a little something different with their paper trimmer, replacing the traditional blade with a specialty blade can be a wonderful idea. These blades create fun effects on paper as they trim. One can find blades that pierce or make wavy lines.

When opting to do this, it is imperative to use the correct blade setup. Some blades settings allow for up to four blades at a time while others only allow one. Multiple blade settings must be replaced all at once, whether or not the other blades are dull.

Whether replacing single blade or multiple blade setups in rotary paper trimmers, it is always best to follow the manufacturer's instructions when it comes to using specialty blades. Many times, a certain brand of rotary trimmer will have a recommendation pertaining to corresponding product numbers and brands. Using blades that are not recommended for the trimmer can result in serious accidents.
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