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Are You a World of Warcraft Addict When You Hide Online?

Jun 23, 2008
All it takes sometimes it a person that has a need to hide online, maybe from pears at work or students at school, no one really knows why these people throw themselves in World of Warcraft. Who knows how a game addiction develops. Scientists are beginning to study the phenomena is just now. You could say that its a bit late when you think about the gamers that died the past years while they were playing all kinds of online games. Maybe the reason that young girl in South Korea was hiding online in World of Warcraft was because she was being neglected, we will never know. Then there was that man that was found dehydrated while playing an online game and probably in hiding from something in the real world.

Lets take a closer look

Having a World of Warcraft addiction is not very different from other types of addictions seen in certain persons. The majority of people playing this game online will never have any form of problem at all, the small group of persons who are addicted to World of Warcraft and use it to hide online would have used any game for this purpose. The moment they are away from the game you will see that they start to show signs of withdrawal symptoms. Irritation and anxiousness will start to show and the need to get back online as quick as possible. This group of people have deep psychological issues and these will set them up to become addicted and it could have been anything in which they would be able to hide and create their own world, the game is not to be blamed for this. And we are talking a few dozen against millions and millions of people who go about the game in mostly a normal manner.

Some things that would give away a (starting) addiction would be if a school going person would start to miss classes or gets to school late on a regular basis, homework not getting done etc. etc. Although these could also be signs of depressions the two, depression and hiding in an online world, could be linked together. As a family or friend, the best thing to do is to seek professional help. We need to get the person involved back to what we call a normal and healthy life and away from the keyboard.

Being a World of Warcraft addict in itself is not a bad thing, hiding in an online world for a little bit is not that bad either. Their is a very small change that people cross over the border and become a problem case in which there is an even smaller change of it becoming a cause of dead scenario. If you notice a friend or family member playing online and starting to become addicted to these type of games then take their minds of the game by doing something completely different. And you should always consider getting advice from a professional.

Always remember, when you read these kinds of news items, that it is about a very small group compared to the millions and millions of World of Warcraft 'addicts' that are happy playing the game almost every day.
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