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Florida Search Engine Optimization -- Four Key Phases

Jun 23, 2008
As a Florida based, search engine optimization company, we get asked how does a company really begin to dominate its web market. We're not just talking about traffic but really getting web dominance and making the cash register ring.

To give you an example of what we are talking about, lets consider taking a company from ground zero in one of the most competitive arenas on the web...and then creating:

1. Over $40 million In Sales

2. Over 28,000 Real Estate Investors

3. Notoriety by USA Today and The New York Times.

Since this is one of our own personal companies, we can really share with you the four phases that we went through in growing that business. Believe us when we say it was a lot more than just performing search engine optimization.

Phase 1 -Research and Analytics Phase

In this phase, who ever is doing the work gets to know your business, your lines of product or services, and the goals of your company. They research which keywords you should go after, which ones have the most "commercial intent" what the traffic counts are and key competitors in that market space. Then an important piece is to reverse engineer the leading competition in your niche to determine their primary keywords, linking strategies, site structures, ppc strategies, online ppc budgets......in other words....when you get done, you should know how to beat them hands down. Unfortunately, many, many companies ignore this first phase which in our mind, is the equivalent of starting to frame a house without building a foundation first.

Phase 2 -Site Architecture And Design Phase

Whether you have an existing site, or are starting from scratch, you are now ready to work with your web designers to make sure that your site architecture is positioned to maximize your websites ability to be "Search Engine Friendly". What does this really mean you might ask? While we can't cover all the material here, you should be paying attention to:

- Title and other meta tags for keywords;
- Your text content (having enough and with right key word mix);
- Internal linking and anchor text to help search engines;
- Removal of broken links; and
- Inclusion of a sitemap.

You also must then review your website for consistency of brand and brand message to the "market" in order to help you improve conversion of traffic coming to your site (once you get traffic)

Phase 3 -Traffic Generation and Link Building Campaigns

Once you have positioned your site to capitalize on the best keywords and optimized your site to be crawled by the search engines, you are now ready to turn on a very powerful blend of search engine optimization (SEO) technical know how - with a comprehensive internet marketing campaign. You should develop a laser focused strategy that has been customized to your particular budget, niche market and goals. From press releases, to article writing, video submission, directory submissions, link baiting strategies, social networking, and much more. We have one goal in mind..... Results! Through this highly focused effort we are able to drive traffic to your site, position your companies online brand image, position you as an expert in your field, and obtain first page rankings for your website.

Phase 4 -Conversion Of Traffic To Sales

There is a saying when it comes to online marketing and sales. Test..Test & Retest. A key technique is to install comprehensive tracking code on your site to give us a pinpoint view of exactly what is happening with your site. You should know how many visitors you are getting, where they are coming from, how long they stay, what they look at, and how they navigate your site and sales funnel process. Based on that data, then you decide changes that should be made to your site, how you can improve the experience for your online visitor and show you how can you convert more of your visitors into customers.

Unfortunately, most do it your selfer's and also most "so called" SEO companies do not do all these pieces because it is time consuming. However, like in our own company, if you can turn that into a $40 Million revenue stream, it may be well worth the effort.
About the Author
Dr. Anderson is co-founder of Florida based SEO Marketing Consultants .  He is responsible for over $40 Million in internet sales and enjoys helping companies grow. Visit their web site to key a free Search Engine Optimization Report for your company.
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