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Industrial Espionage and Mini Spy Cameras: The Loss of Intellectual Property Rights

Jun 23, 2008
You know you have seen many Hollywood glorifications of spies when you start thinking that all spies, both reel and real, have only noble intentions in committing industrial espionage. Add in impressive mini spy cameras and other gadgets, and everybody looks like James Bond. This is far from the truth.

As a businessman, you will realize that industrial espionage does not only affect your business, not by a long shot. Depending on the extent of spying performed, the methods employed, and the uses to which the stolen information is applied, industrial espionage causes loss of revenue and taxes, loss of direct and indirect jobs, negative impact on the trade balance, and an undermined confidence in personal and corporate security. In short, you will lose money and people.

Spread of Industrial Espionage

Espionage has been around for a long time. Almost all societies have a history of deception and subterfuge, the enduring practice of which attest to the invaluable role espionage has played in building and destroying organizations.

With the advent of modern technology, the methods employed have also improved. The invention of the mini spy cameras has pushed industrial espionage to new heights (or lows, depending on how you look at it), such that it is virtually impossible to prevent intellectual property theft. Indeed, the detection of Internet spies is easier compared to spies who use mini spy cameras to record confidential information.

Methods Employed

To protect yourself against the debilitating effects of industrial espionage, you need to know the methods employed. This is to enable you to adopt countermeasures to lessen its effects.

Eavesdropping is the interception and interpretation of text messages and audio conversations. This is usually done through telephone bugs, e-mail, and instant messaging interception, among others. Of course, there is always the old-fashioned way of literally putting your ears to the walls. However, with highly advanced mini spy cameras with audio capabilities, this old method is somewhat redundant.

Surveillance uses electronic and technological means, just like eavesdropping. In business, you will encounter the use of cleverly-hidden mini spy cameras that record your documents, processes, and people. The first two are of special concern since these are used to gain economic advantage over you.

Suspicious Behaviors

When your employees access computer files and report to the office after normal or authorized working hours, especially in restricted areas, you might have spies in your organization. If it is possible, install hidden mini spy cameras in strategic areas not only to minimize employee theft of properties but more importantly, intellectual property theft. When your employees also report suspicious and unverifiable laptop theft, watch for signs of spying.

As to business associates, be very wary of them when they change personnel at the last minute for sub-contracting projects. Also, be cautious about inviting them to manufacturing and administrative areas unless absolutely necessary; this might be a ploy to acquire a lay-out of the premises and record trade manufacturing secrets.

For visitors, watch out for guests who break away from the tour group. Again, this might be a plan to acquire information.

Armed with information about how you can prevent, or at least minimize, industrial espionage can help you in organizational development. Use the methods and gadgets of industrial spies to your benefit, too.
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