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Corporate Relocating? 3 Ways To Save On Time And Unexpected Costs

Jun 23, 2008
Moving of any kind is never easy. Corporate relocation or even small company relocation is never simple! If you think moving your home and family from state to state is difficult try moving an entire company filled with employees. If you're managing the project or considering taking on that task, then you need to know that your number one goal in a corporate move is to be as time and cost-efficient as possible to keep things running as smooth as possible. I have some tips that may work for you as it did for my company move.

First, don't fool yourself into thinking that it's o big deal. I have found that in order to increase the efficiency of a corporate move, you really need to have complete knowledge of what your new location will be like. You need to know how to rearrange the office to function efficiently as it did before. Will everything from machinery to employees have a place? The sooner you can implement routine the sooner employees can adjust.

I know it may seem like no big deal because you planned and executed a household move so why should a corporate move be any different. Don't fool yourself into thinking that it's that simple. Just like you would hire trained professionals to come and pack up your house contents you need to understand that there are companies that do just that for businesses, big or small, that know that it takes more than just packing a few boxes to get your company moved and set up again quickly so that your company can start to function again.

Second, don't go it alone. Have you seriously given any consideration to what exactly goes into corporate relocating? You might want to consider consulting with specialized relocation companies who are trained in the handling of many aspects of corporate relocating, from logistics, packing, locating new housing for employees and office space the business moves of any size. This specialized and trained group of individuals can help from one employee to an entire office that is why it's so important and crucial in finding a company who provides relocation solutions and who's well-established and diverse in dealing with customers around the world. Isn't that the important key element here, to start making money again?

Third, as an employee know what costs you're responsible for. When it comes to relocating employees be aware that sometimes the company doesn't cover all the costs involved with the move. Typically in a corporate relocation situation the company covers most or all of the moving costs, but it may or may not cover all the costs you will have incurred during the moving process. As you make plans for relocating, be sure you consider the following 5 questions:

1. What are the actual moving costs and are the moving costs paid by your employer?

2. Does this involve packing the entire household?

3. What if you own a boat, car or other vehicles?

4. Does the company pay to relocate those items as well?

5. Who will pay all or part of closing costs from the home you're leaving to the home you will be moving into?

If your company decided to hire a professional company and you find that you're in a situation where your company is not paying all the expenses, talk to your corporate relocation expert who is handling the relocation. These experts are trained and can provide you cost-of-living comparisons between your old and new homes, plus resources for spouse job searches, child and elder care. Take advantage of that to help you transition at your new location a bit easier for you and your family.

Planning is vital to a successful move. If you feel that you can't really afford to hire professionals for the move look into a firm that offers consulting as an option. If you're able to get a plan on what steps you need to take in order to plan out what will work for you then you can probably relocate your company without unnecessary troubles. Using a relocation company specialist will help guide you through a move and assist in servicing all of your moving needs with experts on staff to assist in every move,
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