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How To Make Money Online (Part 6 of 10)

Jun 23, 2008
Without question, targeted traffic is the key to windfall profits. A sudden rush of thousands of customers can turn a struggling website into a thriving revenue stream.

But how do you get targeted traffic? You can self market for it (through SEO and back linking campaigns) or you can buy traffic. What makes paid traffic so worthwhile is it can be instantly scaled; just buy more traffic! SEO does not work the same way and be quite labor some to increase daily traffic.

Buying traffic is generally considered the fastest and most efficient method of acquiring targeted visitors. However, it can be costly; if you are not prepared for targeted traffic, you can lose money very quickly.

Paid traffic is like turning on a magical "traffic faucet". Turn it on, and you have an instant rush of willing customers. Turn it off, and the rush is gone. Anyone who makes a substantial amount of money online is buying traffic in one format or another. If you see someone boasting of 100k+ profits per month, he or she is definitely buying traffic.

You must look at paid traffic from an investment/return perspective because that's all it really is. You might have to spend $100 in one day to return $120. Is that a good return on your money? A 20% return on your money in one day is huge.

If a person can make $20 profit for every $100 invested, why not spend $1,000 on paid traffic in one day? Does $200 profit in a 24 hour period sound good to you? How about investing $10,000 on advertising in one day, and returning $2,000 profit? Are you starting to understand why paid traffic is so valuable? Ultimately, paid traffic should be the end goal for every marketer because you can make incredible amounts of money due to the ability to instantly scale your traffic without limits.

Everyone complains about Google's Adwords program and how expensive individual clicks can be. If you are buying traffic and not seeing conversions, then something is wrong, and you must analyze your strategy before you bleed your wallet empty.

When it comes to paid traffic, everything about your marketing must be perfect: your keywords, your landing page, your product pitch, and you absolutely must have a "call to action" on your page.

Most marketers start with free traffic and with performing their own SEO before they ultimately switch to buying traffic. This is the natural order in which a person learns the online marketing process.

During your early days of learning, while you struggle to develop and convert traffic, you are perfecting the skills necessary to convert a customer when they finally land on your website or pitch page.

There is a shortcut to becoming better at copy and website design, and that is to study successful websites. Do you want to sell tires? Well, you should study the most successful tire websites. Analyze their layout and design. Without blatantly plagiarizing them, copy their layout and call it your own! In order to be successful online, you must be willing to follow in the footsteps of other successful marketers.

On a side note, if you are purchasing traffic, it is a great idea to ask your visitors to sign up to your email list. Once they are on your list, they are yours, and you never have to pay for their traffic again.
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