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The Benefits of Outsourcing Document and Media Storage

Jun 23, 2008
As your South Dakota business grows, so does the number of your employees, resources and documents. Eventually, this leads to the need for more office space. If you aren't ready to re-locate yet, one of the best ways to free up more space in the office is to outsource your document storage. After all, many documents spend most of their time in boxes or filing cabinets anyway.

How Will a Good Storage Facility Care for You and your Documents?
There are several services that a South Dakota record and media storage facility can provide to ensure that your documents are well preserved, organized, accessible and secure.

Even though paper is the material that most records are kept on today, it isn't a very sturdy material. It can wrinkle, tear, burn, fade, and even disintegrate or mold-over if it isn't stored properly. That is why business owners need to find a facility with clean, dry, and neat storage areas. If you have very valuable documents or media records, you might want to find a warehouse that provides fireproof rooms and cold storage for added protection.

Another benefit that comes from outsourcing your company's document and media storage is that someone else will organize it for you. In a professional warehouse, every document, media record or carton of files can be given its own unique barcode that is stored in an online database. Then, through a secure connection, clients can look up the documents they need and request delivery services on a daily basis if needed. The electronic coding can save business a lot of time that would otherwise be spent trying to track down important information.

As mentioned earlier, many storage facilities provide daily delivery and pick-up services, but some customers may prefer to visit the storage facility in person. If this is the option that you prefer, you will need to make sure that there are viewing rooms available where you can have the room and privacy you need to review the information on your records. It is nice to have someone else moving documents back and forth too because boxes of papers are definitely heavier than single sheets.

Since many businesses have confidential records, document security is another common concern for many customers. Security might include anything from video camera surveillance, locked entrances, background checks on all record storage employees and document shredding.

If you are en environmentally conscious individual, it might also be nice to choose a facility that recycles its shredded documents.
About the Author
North Western Warehouse (http://northwesternwarehouse.com/) is a South Dakota record and media storage facility that has specialized in document preservation, security, and services since 1996. This family owned business has a great service reputation. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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