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The Upline Can Build The Business For You

Aug 17, 2007
Have you thought that when you joined an affiliate program, it was actually someoneīs business. This person is called your sponsor or upline.

The job of the upline persons is to give advices to the business opportunity seeker, who is a starter and can make very costly errors and motivation burning mistakes by working on his own.

Is it wise to invent the wheel again and try to run promotions by yourself instead of asking advice from your sponsor or upline?

No, only a total dummy will do so. As a business opportunity seeker you are still seeking business, when you have just started one, because you do not actually know how to run it.

How to run promotions is the skill a business opportunity seeker will learn by experience. But a good way to shorten the learning time dramatically is by asking from the sponsor or other upline people. I guess this is a very seldomly used way to learn online home business.

Business opportunity seeker normally wants to make his own mistakes. What a pity! Why do the same costly errors, which your sponsor has done and paid for? Really stupid.

Just send an email to your sponsor or all upline members, and ask what you should do in the very beginning of your home business.

Make detailed questions and go back to ask even more details as long as you have got advices, which you can run in real life. And why donīt you go on asking, why the results were like they were.

Ask from all upline persons, so you can find the person, who is the most professional and eager to help.

This person will be a goldmine for you. It is very lucky, if you have a home business guru as an upline member, as I have.

Think about. To become a guru in the internet society requires that you have to get respect during a long time and make extraordinary results with your own business.

It is very useful that the athmosphere in online society is that people will help each other.
So use your guru. Ask many questions. Again and again. That is why he is in your upline.

A good additional help to get good advices is to use discussion forums. But first a newbie must understand, who of the persons there are real success makers. There are many starters, many link builders and other chatters, who are not useful.

A business opportunity seeker can separate a real professional with some issues. A pro has hundreds or thousands posts to the forum.

This means that he works long term. Then a forum people respect him. This a starter will recognize only by reading a lot of posts and by feeling the respect.

And when a business opportunity seeker has found a guru, he can study his opinions. They are very proven and profitable according to my experience. He can also ask detailed questions from his guru. And come back regularly.

To become successful means that you will follow the trails of those, who have done it. Do not try to invent the wheel again!
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