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What Sales Managers Do

Jun 23, 2008
Any line of business or sales for that matter has a manager. No matter if you're in pharmaceuticals, finance or fast-moving customer goods, you're bound to see a manager behind its everyday workings and in charge of its success or failure. Their job primarily consists of the challenging duties of organizing and motivating the sales team in a company.

The sales managers are the ones responsible for making sure that the sales team consistently reaches their target. This target many be given by the sales director or self-assigned. But basically the job of the managers is to make sure that everybody performs to his or her best. Others may give incentives to their teams in order to motivate them to excel.

Depending on the company's chart and field, sales managers have different duties, which may include having specific locations, specific customers or specific products under their care or jurisdiction. Sales managers also have the task of recruiting and training the sales staff in addition to managing the entire team's performance.

Sales managers has to assign areas to the executives in addition to the duty of having to supervise, motivate, as well as monitor their team's performance. The budget and target for the team members is also set by the sales manager. There may be several sales managers in a company, and coordination among members of these divisions are crucial to a company's success.

Since intelligence is key in any company, the sales manager must make sure that the entire team is knowledgeable concerning the products or services that they sell. The sales manager should also be updated on how the competition is doing and how to better improve their performance. And the sales manager is also responsible for reporting the entire team's progress to the senior manager and to make sure that the whole team is in touch with its many customers.

Some sales managers are also involved in the product's development and manufacturing, though this depends on the kind of company they work for, as well as the kind of product involved. Some sales managers can also help the company identify business opportunities, and develop different marketing strategies.
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