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Increase sales using a flash catalog

Jun 23, 2008
The world has gone Internet savvy. Business worldwide are queuing up for a website, since they want to take advantage of the Internet as a sales medium. As a result, almost everything is prefixed with an "e" - ecommerce, ebook, ezine, ebrochure and ecatalog. eCatalog or flash catalog is one of the latest innovations in this genre.

Surely, you must remember those clumsy paper catalogs that you received via mail. I won't say that all paper catalogs are useless; some catalogs must have been helpful. But nevertheless, I am quite certain they often found their way into the dustbin, primarily because they were not easy to store for later use. And when you finally made up your mind to buy the product you selected off the catalog, the catalog itself was no where to be found. This is where an eCatalog saves the day.

An eCatalog is an online version of a paper catalog. Since it is hosted on the Internet, it is available online 24/7. Interested customers simply need to go to the product website in order to browse through the eCatalog.

For People Who Prefer to Buy Online - Online Flash Catalog offers an innovative interface to browse through the products. An eCatalog is made in the form of a virtual flip book. Each page shows a single product or a bunch of products, as per the catalog owner's will. It features an avant garde page flip effect. eCatalog pages can be flipped as if flipping through the pages of a paper catalog. This can be accomplished by dragging the page corners, or by using the navigation panel.

The navigation panel also allows you to move to a specific page in the catalog by specifying the page number - this comes in handy if the eCatalog has hundreds of pages. You have a scrollbar as well to allow quick and efficient navigation. Yet another awesome feature of the eCatalog is zoom. Internet Shoppers may zoom any product page up to an incredibly high level of detail - more than 300%. Printing any page is also simple, and can be done by a simple click. The eCatalog or 3D flash catalog uses a "load on demand" feature to make the catalog extremely fast loading. In conformation with Web 2.0 standards, the eCatalog also has a "Tell a Friend" feature.

For Sellers - Flash Catalog shortens the sales cycle by bringing the products right to the customers' computer. This further results in higher sales. With an eCatalog to showcase their products, online shopping cart owners may do away with the expensive paper catalog, and save thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs.

Moreover, the creation cost of an eCatalog is minimal compared to the cost of getting a paper catalog printed and posted to prospective buyers. Updating a page-flip catalog is easy enough, and hence your online catalog always shows the latest products on offer. So if a product is out of stock, you may easily remove that from the eCatalog. It's not just product catalogs that you can create with an eCatalog. Internet marketers will find multiple applications of an eCatalog - brochures, magazines, newsletters, leaflets, and photo albums are some of the uses.

In essence, an ecatalog or flash catalog is an awesome web application for both Internet buyers and sellers. It expedites the sales process and hence gets more sales for the seller. And it offers ease of shopping to buyers by providing an innovative and intuitive interface.
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Attract more customers with this state-of-the-art technology. Paper is out, digital is in - go get a page flip catalog for the world to view.
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