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Why Is My Internet Slow

Jun 23, 2008
Amazing as it is, this is a very easy problem to solve, 99% of slow computers are down to spy-ware, viruses, not enough disk space left, not enough memory a combination of the above.

People buy a computer with and get fast internet and are safe for the first so many months while there free internet security program is still working, then it expires.

Many people end up downloading a free product when there subscription expires because they read that's what to do in a forum or somewhere.

Learn how your problems happened:-

* No1. mistake people do is not to remove the old anti virus or spyware product before installing new ones.

* People download messenger to stay in contact with their friends and also download the plus pack, when you install the plus pack, if you take the default install, you have just installed there sponsor program that collects your surfing habits and adds to slow performance.

* Many software products install toobars into your web browser, many of them slow down your internet experience also.

* Should be very careful installing free games, as the game companies add spyware into the back of the game install, so they can sell your browsing habits to marketing companies.

Trouble with spyware is that it logs your browsing info and sends it to marketing companies, who see sell it on e.g.

All the collected browsing habits lets marketing companies know where to advertise, say you have been searching for a new car, but more people are searching for sports wear, the marketing companies now know they should run adverts for sports wear and they will get more sales.

Spyware is bad, it uses your computers processing power to run, also your memory and your internet bandwidth, all these processes running together makes your browser slow and allot of the time your pc will run slow also.

These types of problems are easy to find and even easier to fix.

Open your 'Task Manager' and select the 'Processes' tab, don't forget to click on the 'Show processes from all users' button, then open your favourite search engine and type the file name of all your running processes one by one to get an explanation of the process.

This task should take no longer than 30 mins max, the idea here is when the search engine returns the file as bad, you write this down until you have a list of all the bad files, then it's back to the search engine, type in the file name followed by remove.

It's the best way to find a step by step guide to remove each problem, to get your pc and web browser working like new again.

Now you know how to get your slow internet back to being fast again.
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