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The Importance of Website Submissions

Jun 23, 2008
Applying and using all kinds of search engine optimization methods has become a necessity in a day and time when the competition on the World Wide Web far surpasses competition in the real world. Some of the main SEO strategies that most webmasters nowadays resort to are directory submissions, building link popularity, increasing text links to raise page rank, using keyword optimized content etcetera. However, many people fail to use one major SEO tool--web site submission. Website submission refers to the process of submitting your website to major search engines and directories. Many services providing site submission services also submit your sites to internet directories, which is necessary if you actually want website submission to work for both you and your website.

Search engine submission is a necessary SEO technique, which should be used much before any other, except perhaps keyword optimization. This is because most websites do not get indexed by search engines until and unless a search engine submission is made with each particular search engine. Needless to say, your website will never feature in search engine results pages unless it is indexed. While there are hundreds of search engine submission services who will readily submit your website to thousands of search engines for a few dollars, it is important to note that most search engines have become smart enough to reject software generated submissions. If you want your website to be actually submitted to search engines, then make sure that you hire a quality service that makes manual search engine submissions.

The same rule applies to directory submissions as well. In fact, it gets even more pertinent because almost all directories have different methods of accepting submissions. On the other hand, almost all good directories say a complete no-no to automated submissions and reject them outright. Another major advantage of going for manual website submission to directories is that you will be able to submit to directories that deal specifically with the content on your website instead of wasting your time and effort on directories that will never list your site because it does not confirm to the genre they operate with. Making website submission to topical directories and search engines will definitely help in generating a large amount of relevant traffic to your web site.

When you are trying to make your website get ahead amidst extremely strong competition, web site submission is a strategy that will definitely help you in getting a significant lead. While it is really not very important to submit to the zillions of search engines and directories that are present on the internet today, it is crucial to submit to search engines and directories that matter. Another thing to keep in mind while making website submissions is that your submissions should be accepted and your website indexed as soon as possible. If you feel you are up to it, then go ahead, otherwise hire a search engine submission service to do it for you before your competition does!
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