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How to Build a Successful Network Marketing Business

Jun 23, 2008
In addition to all of the conventional ways to expand your network marketing business, you will also want to pull out all of the stops and use less-conventional, smaller, and harder-to-apply methods for finding new members for your network. For instance, if you started off by selling your product as an Internet-based network marketer, you probably haven't done any offline presentations at all. Nor have you probably put much thought into offline promotional methods.

This creates an interesting issue: while it is much easier and often less expensive to advertise online, if you're advertising an Internet-based network online, the online market will probably be heavily saturated; whereas the offline market may have never been exposed to it at all.

One way in which you can advertise to the offline market is to create a cleanly designed flyer and post it in various public places where it is permissible. Remember to use the problem-solution model. Start off by targeting people who have a problem (i.e. people who need extra money) and then explain who, using several bullet points, they can solve that problem by joining your network.

Another way in which you can advertise offline is to design and purchase a box of business cards for your network marketing opportunity. Having your name on a business card for what appears to be a legitimate opportunity is one of the best ways you can look professional and trustworthy, which is unbelievably important in this specific market. You can then distribute these business cards to people you meet at seminars; and you can also even leave them at businesses, provided that they allow you to do so.

Last, you can also make an attempt to become a speaker at an offline seminar event. This will help you to gain credibility and also to begin creating interest in your specific methods of networking and promotion.
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