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What Makes Top Network Marketers Different From the Rest

Jun 23, 2008
What makes top network marketers different from everyone else? This seems like a simple enough question - and yet anyone who has failed at network marketing knows that it isn't. Anyone who has failed can probably name a person who is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars each yet with network marketing; additionally, he can probably tell you exactly what that person says he is doing, but for whatever reason, she cannot duplicate his success.

While these top network marketers seem to be doing obvious things and making money with it, everyone else can't seem to duplicate their success. So what is the difference between everyone else and them?

The major difference between most successful and unsuccessful network marketers is that successful network marketers have gained significant leverage over a long period of time. This leverage then gave them access to a number of other things, including expert help, credibility, and virtually unlimited resources. This often creates a problem that they do not see when they are attempting to train their network: as a credible person in the field with significant resources, they can do a number of things that new network marketers simply cannot.

So rather than looking at what top network marketers are doing differently than everyone else, it might be better to look at what top network marketers did to become "top network marketers."

In this case, the answer is almost always simple and the same: to become "top network marketers," they started out by developing a system that actually worked for them; and then they figured out how other people could duplicate that system relatively well. They then put in the effort to recruit a number of new network marketers; and then had those marketers bring in friends.

In many cases, top network marketers actually start off by selling products, rather than creating systems for building a network. You may want to consider doing this, too, with whatever product you are selling.
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