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Direct Response Marketing: Over Rated or Overlooked?

Jun 23, 2008
It is well known in the Network Marketing Industry that the internet has been instrumental in opening the doors of potential for prospecting quality candidates to market our products to, however, many network marketing business models still rely on the old methods of recruiting that date back to the 1950's.

Why Direct Response Marketing?

Direct Response marketing quite simply is a better way to market for prospects, for many reasons.

I will use an example of an industry that I am very well versed in, having left a successful 21 year career as an Advertising Executive for the Yellow Pages Industry. Yellow Pages in and of itself is a very profitable business, and an extremely effective advertising medium for many reasons, but the top reason that advertisers in this medium see success is centered around the type of advertising it is.

Yellow pages advertising is a "directive" form of advertising, which few advertising mediums can claim. Directive advertising is advertising in which the BUYER is seeking the SELLER, when they are ready to buy. The buyer has already done the research, the price comparison, and due diligence regarding the product that they intend to buy, and go to the yellow pages, checkbook or credit card in hand, ready to make a purchase.

The prudent business owner who places an ad in the phone book will benefit by making their business an option for that willing, ready, and able buyer.

So, how does this relate to the internet? After all, Yellow pages is old technology, even old school, based on public perception.

Direct Response Marketing works in a very similar fashion. By marketing only to those who are interested in our products or services, in this case, Network Marketing opportunities, we allow our prospects to make a decision about our product or service, and to initiate contact with us, either through email, or a phone call.

By using this approach, we are attracted high quality, qualified prospects who are interested in what we have to offer. Gone are the days of "warm lists" and "memory joggers", "3 foot rule" business card frenzies, and friends and relatives avoiding us because they really DON'T want to hear about how great our latest venture is.

If you haven't taken a look into implementing this phenomenal prospect tool into your marketing efforts, you truly are missing out on a style of marketing that makes your job of building your business a much smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable process.

Since implementing this effective marketing strategy into my latest travel venture, I can only say that I wish I had discovered this powerhouse method a long time ago.
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Alecia is a professional network marketer with TraVerus Travel Network who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. Get in touch with Alecia or learn more about network marketing success visit:

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