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When You Start An LLC In Virginia, Avoid The Most Common Mistakes That Cause Delays

Jun 23, 2008
The LLC in Virginia is the most common vehicle for new business. When you start an LLC in Virginia, the Virginia agency that processes the filing is very strict in its requirements. Do not risk the long delays and problems caused by an improper filing in Virginia.

Those who want to start an LLC in Virginia need to prepare a document filing containing certain required information mandated under the Virginia LLC laws. Virginia allows a regular filing for a $100 filing fee and an expedited filing for a $200 filing fee paid to the State of Virginia.

With a regular filing, the State does not guarantee a processing time but the normal processing time is 10-20 days. Virginia will guarantee a formation date with an expedited filing (typically one business day after receipt of a proper filing).

However, in order to ensure that your filing to start an LLC in Virginia goes smoothly, you must be sure you do not make one of the common mistakes made. Once a filing is rejected and sent back to you, the process can be much longer to fix the error and get the Virginia LLC filing back on track for formation.

A common reason for a rejected filing is that the fee paid is wrong or made payable to the wrong name for the State Agency. This is one that can be fixed by just following the requirements in the regulations.

A second reason for rejected filings is that the name in the filing is not acceptable in Virginia. When you start an LLC in Virginia, you need a name that is not the same as of deceptively similar to another name being used by a Virginia legal entity or other Virginia business that has filed for use of that name at the state level.

The State of Virginia can be quite peculiar with what names are sufficiently different enough from other names to be accepted.

A third reason for creating issues with a Virginia LLC filing is that the document filed is missing information that is legally required in order to create an LLC in Virginia. The required information to start an LLC in Virginia includes proper terminology, an official principal office address and detailed information about the registered agent and registered office including the reasons for qualification as a Virginia registered agent.

The State of Virginia is very strict about ensuring that every filing to start an LLC in Virginia meets the minimum statutory requirements. However, just because the State accepts a filing for formation does not necessarily mean that you are doing everything you need to do to preserve the liability protection afforded by a Virginia LLC.
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