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Using "Micro-Hooks" In Copywriting

Jun 23, 2008
Okay, now I'm going to tell you something about hooks that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The "hook" or the "Big Idea" is one of the ways we get people to read our ads.

And since the more our prospects read... the more often they buy... you need to KEEP them reading. One way is using "micro-hooks".

Since humans are a curious lot... leaving things temoprarily incomplete is a secret weapon I use to keep them engaged with my copy.

It makes people slightly uncomfortable... at least until they get the answer. But most importantly, it keeps them reading until they do.

This is basic human psychology and in marketing, you use this psychology to your advantage.

My pal Mark Joyner is a master of this. He calls it the Zeigarnik Effect.

When I wrote his copy for the 7 Day Business Turnaround... I used this technique a lot.

Here's a sample:

In a section of the copy, I was explaining the exact steps involved in a business turnaround. I explained the 4 step process that made any turnaround work.


"That's it. Pretty simple... at least on the outside. With that strategy alone, you could engineer a turnaround. If you know the tactics to accomplish each step, my work is done here. Go forth and execute. If you don't... keep reading to uncover your answer. Okay, seems pretty simple doesn't it?"

But the beauty of that micro-hook was the fact people didn't know the details to execute the strategy.

I told them if they didn't know the strategies... they would be revealed in the letter.

Do you think that made people uncomfortable?

You bet it did, because if they were in need of a business turnaround, they HAD TO KNOW THE ANSWER.

Let me give you one more example from that salesletter.

A little ways further down in the salescopy, I explained how turnarounds worked.

Then I wrote:

"That's the process for your 7 Day Turnaround. It's the same thing a Fortune 500 would do, just made so bloody simple a 2nd grade teacher could do it (more about that in a minute)"

Heh heh heh...

Now I know teachers are not stupid... but it still sounds irrisistibly easy!

Using "more on that in a minute" hooked readers into reading more copy so they could find the answer.

That leter is a clinic on "micro-hooks".

There's at least a half dozen of them. It's a virtual clinic on writing and implementing these sneaky little hook tricks.

Now, one more thing you need to know.

You gotta close the loop on the curiosity!

You don't want to keep people too uncomfortable. If you tell them "More on this in a minute" you need to fulfill that promise.

If the loop remains open, not only will they view you as a liar... you've ruined the buying climate.

One more thing. Don't give readers ALL the answers in your salescopy. That's an itch only the product should scratch.
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