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Affiliate Marketing Tips - How To Get Content To Your Niche Website?

Jun 24, 2008
A great website often comes with captivating content for its visitors. When a visitor drops by your website and find useful articles that are worth the read, they would most probably stay longer or even like it enough to bookmark it for future visits. If your articles can even solve their problems or give them a valuable tip, it is one of the best ways of building a relationship with your visitor. They would also be most likely to convert into your customers too.

Here are a few options you can use to develop content in your website:

1) Pay for content written by ghostwriters

A very easy way of getting content for your website is by hiring ghostwriters to write for you. If you can't imagine the thought of writing or are simply too lazy to, you can engage others online at sites like elance.com. An article can go as low as $3, but you usually get what you pay for and the quality of the article may not be professional as what you expect. To get high quality articles, be prepared to fork out a bit more. Get to know your ghostwriter, and probably request for their portfolio. You should also spell out what you require in the topics you would like them to write about. It is also important to make sure the articles they write are meant for actual human reading and not just full of keywords just for bots and spiders to pick up.

2) Public domain works

These are actually articles or books for which the copyright has expired. Anyone can copy, modify and re-use this information for their own benefit. You can even remove the original author's name and sell the article as your own.

3) Write your own articles

Well, if you don't have the extra money to spare and you have a penchant for writing, why not develop the content yourself? The greatest advantage of writing your own articles is the personal style you are able to inject in your website. To your visitors, they would also find your content more consistent when you are the only author. If you have several ghostwriters writing for you instead, each might have their own personality and writing style and your articles might not sync so well. If you write yourself though, remember to be as natural as possible. You can also be funny at times, no worries, because that's your website! Readers usually appreciate a dash of humor and they find rapport with you through your articles. Building a customer relationship is one of the best pre-sell advantages one can get, so don't belittle its importance in your affiliate marketing business.
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