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Top Three Ways to Get Targeted Traffic to Your Website Quickly

Jun 24, 2008
Anyone that's been around the internet marketing block has heard or has realized that traffic generation is an ongoing affair. This part of the business is definitely not set it and forget it. What some marketers haven't grasped is that traffic generation in and of itself is incomplete. See the traffic generation has to be targeted. You want to expose your website to visitors that will be inclined to act because they want what you have to offer. So how do we corral this soon to be captive audience?

Let's start with three proven methods that have been effective in targeting my traffic and getting them to view my websites. Do these correctly and they won't let you down.

Forum Marketing

This is a proven technique for targeting traffic. It is extremely effective and can work very quickly if you follow the guidelines.

It's real simple. Add value to the threads, not "Hey come see my site it's terrific, blah blah blah". Let the members know that you can contribute and make helpful posts. Building trust and relationships is very important in forums. Once they realize that you are a contributor, they'll be inclined to visit your website(s). New members joining will look to you as an authority in the forum and will want to associate with you once your post count is in the hundreds.

Article Marketing Technique

One of the most effective methods of generating targeted traffic and a must in the marketers toolkit. You'll need time and lots of articles for this to be effective, but if done correctly, you will not be disappointed. Design a plan of attack and follow it.

Decide on the top 50 long-tailed keywords that you'd like to rank for and write an article on each word. Each article should then be written a couple of times so that you can submit a different version to each article directory that you elect to submit to. Each article's resource box should point to a deep page within your website. With the anchor text that you want to rank for. Within time you will have visitors, backlinks and higher rankings in the search engine results pages.

Video Marketing Method

This one works extremely fast. So be ready for the onslaught of traffic. Record a video no more than 3 minutes, preferably 2 minutes long. If you're camera shy and don't want anyone else in the video, do a powerpoint presentation with audio.

On the bottom part of the video, watermark your URL. Hopefully it's your domain name and not some 65 character affiliate link. If you want to direct the viewer straight to the merchant sales page then get a domain name and redirect to your affiliate link.

What goes on the video? Read a free report, that is relevant to your niche, aloud into the microphone with the bullet or main points as part of the slide show. Use your imagination but remember the time frame... no longer than 3 minutes.
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