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Things You Need to Know Before You Start Submitting to Directories

Jun 24, 2008
Directory submission is one of the most useful long term SEO strategies, which is not just important but necessary for any website that wants to generate relevant internet traffic. As a website owner, you should definitely start submitting your site's links to directories either through a service that submits to directories or as a do it yourself project. But before you start with your directory submits, here's a list of some of the main things that you need to know about link building through directory submissions.

What Are The Advantages Of Submitting To Directories?

Directory submissions are one of the most successful SEO strategies that not only help in generating relevant traffic to a website, they also help in improving a site's search engine rankings and Pagerank. Submitting to directories increases your link popularity, making your website rank higher in search results. Another major advantage of directory submissions is that once you have submitted to a few reputable directories, your website will automatically get indexed by search engines. Customers looking for particular products and services also use directories for reference, so submitting to reputable directories unfailingly leads to an increase in traffic to your site.

Which Directories Should One Submit To?

Once you plan to start your directory submissions, you will find that there are thousands and thousands of website directories that are vying for your attention. So which directories should you submit to? While a professional submission service might be able to submit your links to thousands of directories, it will be impossible for you to do it all alone without a software program. If you do not have the moolah to shell out for a professional service, start making manual directory submissions at the rate of ten per day, starting with directories that are highly ranked and reputable.

Submit to directories that deal solely with your industry and area of expertise or those which have a separate category for your business. Make sure that you submit to the best directories on the web like DMOZ.org and Yahoo etcetera. Submit to directories that keep getting constant upgrades, because search engines will give more points to links in directories that keep getting updated regularly.

What Strategy Should One Follow While Submitting To Directories?

There are hundreds of link building strategies that will help you in making efficient submissions, but some of the main things that really matter are the reputation and rank of the directory you submit to, its relevance to your own industry and the amount of exposure and visibility it provides to your site.

When making directory submissions, always use your site specific keywords while link building instead of using generic terms. Stay away from directories that already have too many ads, banners or other useless spam on their pages and those that are blacklisted by search engines. Remember that manual directory submissions are always better because most directories nowadays have become smart enough to avoid auto software generated submissions.
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