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Focus on Leadership in Your Network Marketing Business

Jun 24, 2008
In an industry where many people are fighting nail-and-tooth to earn more money in any way possible, leadership by example is indeed a rare find. Network marketers are far more likely to tell downlines something that will make them stick around than something that will ensure their success. This is especially true when they have heard of some new technique that theoretically could work, even though they haven't yet tested it for themselves.

This leaves you with a wide open opportunity to gain a competitive advantage: by simply embracing leadership by example, you can immediately do something almost none of your competitors-either within the company or selling for another company-will ever even think of doing.

One of the best ways to lead by example in network marketing is to setup various initiatives. For instance, one month, you could pick some specific type of advertisement and then thoroughly train every person in your downline on the advantages of using it; and the best way in which they can use it. You can then run a campaign yourself, record your results and methods, and send it to your entire downline.

Working closely with your downline will not only help them to improve how they do certain things, but it will also embolden them to stick around and to promote you to their friends, who might be on the fence, trying to decide whether or not your opportunity is legitimate.

So make this your new goal: always lead by example. Show your downline what to do and what not to do-and most importantly, make sure you have already done it yourself and know that it works. If you lead by example, everyone else has a chance to benefit and to help you in return; if you lead with theoretical ideas, you might help someone, but it will most likely be accidental.
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