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The Importance Of Planning For Success...

Jun 24, 2008
Spring is finally on it's way and it's reminded me of the importance of planning for success...

Last year I got out in the garden and did a complete overhaul. I watched several of those garden DIY shows, drew myself a little plan and then followed it.

I took quite a bit of time creating my plan and it included year round plants as well as seasonal flowers so that the garden would be enjoyable all throughout the year.

It was hard work but really great fun! Our garden had been a little neglected over the years so out came all the old weeds and out came the big dead tree. We then carefully tended to the remaining healthy plants and implemented our garden makeover. A lovely little water feature went in along with quite few plants and a dozen or so bulbs.

Quite a bit of work later and it was done.

Now months later I'd completely forgotten we even planted bulbs but sure enough a few tulips started poking their heads above ground a little while ago and now they are in full bloom. That lovely splash of colour reminded me strongly of the importance of forward planning.

The successful entrepreneurs of the world didn't get there by accident. They planned to get where they are. Some of them have had a bit of good luck along the way but all of them dared to dream of success and then put steps into action to get there. If they hadn't followed their dreams up with planning and action they wouldn't have got where they are. Simple as that.

If you want to reach your goal turnover or your magic number of regular clients, you need to follow their lead. Decide clearly what it is you want then go for it.

Make a plan of how you are going to get there. Where is the extra income going to come from? Exactly how many new clients do you need per week? And where are you going to find these people?

Then go out and follow your plan. The plan might change or evolve as time goes on but just get started and then follow your plan with determination.

Tulips don't just magically appear, you need to plant the bulbs that create them and you need to make sure you do that in the right type of soil.

The same goes with clients. Sure some of them will just rock up on your doorstep but they are few and far between. To get a large and loyal client base that regularly book and buy from you, you need to learn what works then create plans that will make this happen.

If you just sit and wait for a horde of people to arrive at your door, you might be waiting a while. But if you get out there, give your potential clients a reason to want to find out more and then spend the time build a relationship with them, you will find your business growing quickly in exactly the direction you want it to.
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