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Qualify Your Lists of Home Based Businesses

Jun 24, 2008
With so many choices out there for Online Businesses, we thought why not raise the bar and get rid of 95% of your choices. To do this all we did was raise the ethics bar in the Home Business Arena. We developed a short list of items that you need to look at before joining a home based business opportunity. When dealing with the List of Home Based Businesses, you should be aware that most of them hold around a 90% + failure rate. Use our list and hold them accountable.

What level does their product play at? Obviously you want to have a good product. You also want the compensation plan to have multiple tiers to earn money. Keep in mind that if you're going to pay per click (PPC) marketing you need to make a minimum of $ 45 per sale in order to play in the PPC arena. Others will tell you that you can do it for less, but I have seen far too many people lose big money by not following this rule. If you are really serious about building Financial Freedom then you should be looking for a product that pays you a $ 1000 per sale at the lowest level.

You will need to find out, How long will it take to start making money? If you do not start making money soon then your belief level and your motivation will fade and you will probably quit. This is the most common scenario with any Home Based Business person. If the money does not come in quickly enough to keep them in the game, you will start to lose people in your organization

Take a hard look at that person bringing you into the business. If they are new or do not have a training program in place, follow their up line to the person with the training system in place. If the training system in place is a company system,....walk away...do not join. Company training programs are like every other corporation...to slow to react and most focused on the big picture not on your success.

Your new team should show you how to easily set up your financial records to track your financial situation at all times. Most mentors are clueless when it comes to this.

Most opportunities teach old techniques to grow Home Businesses due to the fact that they do not know any better. It's a travesty. Make sure you research this before joining. Dig in and find out what resources are available. This nugget alone will reduce your list of home based businesses by over 80%.

Training system should meet the following: Webinars, Teleconferences, Video presentations, Live Work Shops and 1 on 1 instruction. This training needs to be above and beyond what the company offers. The sad fact is most of these opportunities do not offer this.

What type of global resources are on the table to be used? A large percentage of the opportunities out there use a cookie cutter approach to this as it saves time and makes their life easier. Did in on this one and you will find out the diamonds. Our goal is financial freedom and this one is a critical piece of the puzzle.

This one is so cutting edge that you can bet the answer to this is no. Does the leader of your team have Global strategic business relationships in place for you to tap into? Remember the World is our market and we need to maximize our sales throughout multiple countries.

How much time and money does the Leader spend per year learning about new ideas and the latest methods in Internet Marketing. If the answer you get is not clear....walk away. If the amount of money is less than $20,000, I would walk away. You see it is that leaders function to train you. This means that they must understand the latest methods and techniques. If you are being trained on out dated methods of sales, then you will get your lunch eaten.

What is the group's success rate? What is being done to increase the success rates? A good leader is always trying to increase his teams successes.

Doing the proper due diligence will give you a better chance at success. If the opportunity is a good one you will know during the questioning. Take action and become Financially Free.

Only you can decide to take action and change your financial situation, so take action and find the right opportunity. Your family deserves it.

Both Donald Trump and Rich Dad - Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosoki) have recommended Network Marketing as a means to gain true leverage. You see leverage is the fasted and most successful way to build a business on this planet. So choose wisely, take action and get it done. When you are looking at the list of home based businesses, make sure to remember these points. Use your list of home businesses wisely. Now take your list of home based businesses and get to your financial freedom goal.
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Patrick Spielmann is An Ex-Green Beret Officer-Ranked As A Future General. He Does Business In Seven Countries Globally And Now Operates Four Companies Focused On The Global Markets. href='http://www.stopmakingothersrich.com/'>Financial Freedom, and href='http://www.stopmakingothersrich.com/'>List Of Home Based Businesses
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