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First Steps Of Email Marketing

Jun 24, 2008
Have you ever tried an email campaign with little or no results? Or are you new to email campaigns? Then read on to gain some basic steps. First off, a good email marketing campaign can be hugely successful if carried out correctly but there is a right and a wrong way to do it. The other problem is how to pick a good bulk email sender; this problem can be overcome by doing some careful research, read reviews and ask questions.

Have you ever received emails saying "Receive $20 paid to you immediately in you PayPal account!" or something similar and what do you do with them, yes delete them straight away, at least most people do.

The title is the most important item within your email, this cannot be stressed enough you have about two to five seconds to grab the reader's attention; if you lose them here they will be gone forever.

The advertisement title above was actually selling a website called a magnet website and the idea was to get other people to sign below you and send you unlimited $20. I get hundreds of emails sent to me every day, I just delete them with titles like that, what else would I do.

When you write a title consider asking a question for instance "would you like unlimited $20's" or even suggest that people do not read this email, chances are they will because most people are curious.

Spend some time with titles, write many different variations experiment and choose your best title for your email campaign.

Think of sending emails like reading a book, if the introduction is not interesting then chances are the rest of the book will also be uninteresting. If you get your reader past the title then you are more than half way to your ultimate goal.

Next is the content of your email. You have to get your reader to find this so interesting that they just have to know more, how do you do this? You will have to convince your reader that if they turned away this offer then it would be the biggest mistake they ever made. You will have to do this in a very short few lines, why? People will not read long emails. You must get straight to the point within your email and get them to take the next step clicking through to your sales page.

So you have a great title and great content within your email, your next stage is to do a spell check, there is nothing worse than receiving emails with spelling mistakes.

Lay your page out with plenty of paragraphs so that it is easy to read and keep your message short and sweet.

Something to remember, it may take your reader several attempts before they will actually buy anything from you so you must budget for this.

My advice here would be to send a small amount of emails and then follow up in maybe a week or two weeks time.

If you stick to the basic guidelines above you will have plenty of success just remember to research, plan and experiment then just go for it.
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I had to learn the hard way about website promotion and in the past had many failures. now I have had some great success with my advertising and often I like to share some tips. http://www.opt-in-email-4you.com/
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