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Building a Website When You Don't Know What You're Doing

Jun 24, 2008
You've got a business. You've heard about this great thing called the Internet that the entire world is surfing. You figure, "Hey, if the whole world in surfing the Internet, maybe I ought to create a website and get people to surf my way!"

But there's a problem. You have no idea how to create a website! Relax. Modern website builder technologies make building a website a snap!

The Early Days of the Web

Back in the early days of the Internet, you practically needed an engineering degree just to be able to get online. In fact, so few people even knew about the existence of the Internet (much less how to connect to it) that only the super geeks of the world were connected. Even then, Internet access was so expensive with providers charging by the minute that it was only the geeks with money to blow that were online.

But in the 90's with the advent of the "super information highway," better known as the World Wide Web, and improving browser technologies that made web surfing more enjoyable and productive, the Internet suddenly became much more popular place to be. Internet access providers began charging less and less until flat-rate access became available and an explosion of web surfers occurred.

Development of Website Builder Technology

At first, creating a website required knowing how to setup a web server and how to program in HTML. Website building was still for the geeks. But as more and more people started getting online and more people wanted their very own website, the opportunity for geeks to provide a simple method for the non-technically inclined to build their website was created.

A few smart people started selling space on their web server, allowing other people to host their website on their computer. This opened up the market for people who wanted a website, but didn't have the technical savvy or high-speed lines needed to setup their own web server.

But if you didn't know HTML, you were still left out in the cold. WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editors made it possible to create webpages without knowing HTML. Taking things a step further were companies offering HTML editors that were combined with prebuilt webpage templates and integrated web hosting.

This created a "one-stop shop" of sorts for anybody, even the non-geek that couldn't even program a VCR (that a video cassette recorder for you younger folks), to easily build a website and have an immediate presence on the web.

Website builder technology today has developed to the point where just about anybody can quickly create a great looking website with dynamic, animated content, web forms, shopping carts, and more at affordable prices. Even if you still can't program a VCR -- or figure out how to get your DVD player to work -- modern-day website builders mean that you'll still be able to create an attractive website in minutes flat.
About the Author
Doodlekit (http://www.doodlekit.com) provides a powerful and easy-to-use website builder. Create a personal webpage or a full-blown eCommerce site with ease and with virtually no technical knowledge needed. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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