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5 Free Work at Home Jobs

Jun 24, 2008
If you're looking to work at home, but don't have the money to invest in a large endeavor then consider the free work at home jobs posted below. Not only are they free but most of them offer good pay and benefits.

1. Survey Taker

This free work at home job requires no experience and very little time dedication. If you can spare just 4 hours a week then being an online survey taker is a great option for a free work at home job. As a survey taker, you're required to complete market research surveys for various companies.

The surveys are on an assortment of topics and vary in length from 5-60min. You choose the ones you want to complete. Longer surveys offer larger cash incentives. Some companies reward survey takers in points that they can redeem for cash later.

2. Online writer

Success in this free work at home job takes some experience, as writing for the web differs from writing for print. However, many web based companies seek help from established writers to provide content for their websites.

You will need to solicit your own work if you want to make a decent income. This is very easy to do online as there are many job boards on the internet and most companies seeking freelance writers ask queries to be sent via email.

3. Blogger

Blogging is huge and many people are using the ease and power of blogs to make money online. While some blogs can cost anywhere from 10-100 dollars, you can set one up for free with several companies. Thus, blogging can be a viable free work at home job option for anyone who wants to make a lot of money on a small budget.

Once you've done your market research and have at least 5 posts you can add affiliate links, and advertising revenue onto your blog. The more traffic your site receives the more you'll make.

4. Data entry

While there are hundreds of companies that charges a fee, some companies offer this work at home job for free. Looking for a free work at home job in the data entry field can seem taxing but they are out there. The jobs vary; however, most of them ask the candidate to fill out forms of various products and services online. You are not paid by the number of hours of you work (beware of ads that claim that they pay by the hour) you're paid by the type of form you fill. The longer and more complicated the form the more you'll make.

Some data entry work involves typing out ads for companies when someone clicks on the ad you've typed and purchases the product you earn a commission. This is also referred to as affiliate marketing.

5. Medical Transcriptionists Editor

Medical Transcriptionist is a growing field in the online jobs community. Legitimate companies look for candidates that are already experienced with the equipment and job tasks. Because this free work at home job is associated with several scams, the best way to avoid scams and spending any money is to solicit your own work.

Agencies may be able to pair you up with companies seeking your help but since many of these agencies are scams you would be best to write your own ads and send your own queries offering your service. Most legitimate companies offer competitive line rates and benefits that include health, dental, optical as well as a 401k plan.
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