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Free Paid Online Survey - Get Paid Real Money For Surveys Taking Paid Surveys at Home

Jun 24, 2008
To start making money on the Internet, consider taking paid surveys at home. You take a free paid online survey or three and get paid money for surveys. No special skills required, you just give your personal opinion when you fill out the questionnaires. Easy money, if you do it right. Read on and learn how to avoid the pitfalls, do it right and get paid well for only a few minutes of your time each day...

You can get paid good money for surveys taking free paid surveys at home - if you understand the business, follow a few simple rules and do it right. About 20% of the thousands of surveys being made over the Internet each week are first class, legitimate paid online surveys that pay in cash, on time, and respect your privacy.

Another 40% are O.K. They pay, but not as much as the first class ones. Most of the remaining 40% are just time-wasters; forget them. You can't make money with those. They will just fill up your in-box with offers for everything under the sun, trying to sell you stuff and make money off of you.

So when you consider a free paid online survey then, pay much more attention to the "paid" part than to the "free" part. There are many surveys that are free for the taking. But if you are serious about getting money for surveys, you will need to expend some effort to find free paid online surveys that really pay.

Typical surveys pay $10 to $25 for a survey that takes 6 to 18 minutes to take. That's not a lot of money, but neither is is much time. The idea is to have a steady stream of survey offers coming in. If you take a $10 and a $25 survey each day, it'll add up to over $1,000 a month. Now that's real money for surveys!

The secret to success with paid surveys at home is to get a good list of survey makers. That's tricky to do because the good ones don't advertise. They don't need to. The bad one, the lower 40%, have to advertise to replace all the survey takers like you who just quit because they were not making money for surveys taken!

These survey makers offer finders fees (per head) and/or commissions (a normal $10 survey becomes a $6-8 survey and the guy who recruited you gets the other $2-4! If you look around on the Net, you will see lots of offers for "free lists". Actually, there is no such thing as a free list. Someone is always paying for it.

If you are not paying for your list, the "survey makers" trying to recruit new survey participants are. Your best bet is to find a good paid survey membership site that maintains lists for its members, join up and use the list of makers of free paid online surveys that they provide.

Only consider dealing with paid survey membership sites that offer strong money-back guarantees, backed up by a financial company like PayPal or ClickBank. Then, from amongst those with such guarantees, pick one with a low (3-6%) refund rate. Low refund rates mean happy, satisfied clients.

Pick your membership site, join, get their list, and sign up for the maximum number of survey makers for which you qualify. (Some only work in certain geographic areas). To make good money for surveys, you should be signed up with 100-200 good survey makers. Signups for paid surveys at home are easy and free, done online.

For more details about how to use free paid online surveys to get paid good money for surveys, how to get good lists to help you make money with paid surveys at home, just follow the links below...
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