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Tips When Undertaking An Advertising Project

Jun 24, 2008
When starting a new advertising design project, along with most other design projects, there are steps in the graphic design process to follow that will help you achieve the best results possible. Rather than jumping right in with the graphics software program and going straight to a final version, you can save time and energy by first researching the product, starting with simple sketches and asking for critiques.

When undertaking a project like this you need to be very clear about what the client wants and how they want their product or service to be showcased. They may need an artist who designs logos or business cards, etc.

It is important to ask the client questions, such as who is their target audience and do they have examples of the designs they like, as well as what fonts and colors should be used. Of course, you will want to know the deadline and you should ask if there is a specific budget.

If they do not offer a budget amount and ask you for a quote, then tell them that you will need to review the project and will get back with them with a price. This will eliminate the possibility of a misunderstanding later.

No matter what type of project you are working on, such as custom designs, web site design interface layouts or an advertising design project, it needs to be creative. You can always use a client's example of favorite works as a guideline for their likes and dislikes, but your goal should always be to come up with something completely unique and distinctive. This will allow your work to stand out and through word of mouth, you may gain additional clients.

So, let's say you have done your research, drawn some sketches of the designs, finalized your ideas and gotten approval to move on to the actual project. What's next? You may feel that you are ready to knock out the final new designs in one shot, but it is usually a good idea to offer a client at least two different versions of a design. This gives the client some options and allows you to combine their favorite elements from each.

Be sure to let the client know that you encourage a sort of mixing and matching of the designs you have provided. Some designers may be offended at the thought of the client not liking their idea for the advertising design.

However, a good designer knows that allowing a client to pick a background from one design and a color from another one just makes good business sense. If they ask for your opinion, then don't be afraid to tell them what you think looks best; after all, you are the designer.
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