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Getting Started with Your Social Community Blog in 5 Easy Steps

Jun 24, 2008
You've heard all about blogs. You're ready to get started with your blog, you really want your thoughts, ideas, comments, and information about your product or service to get out there to the masses.

How exactly should you get your blog started?

Follow these very simple tips on getting started with your blog in 5 easy steps, and you'll be well on your way to success.

Pick your first social network, and build your profile there. Many people get started with their blog with one of the 'big' ones, such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. These sites allow you to develop a profile which you should fill out as completely as possible to show that you are serious about networking and building contacts!

Send out friend or contact invitations. One great way to start is to send the invitations to friends you already have in your contact list for your email. It's pretty likely that some of those people will sign up for the social networking service that you have subscribed to, giving you more contacts or friends there. Not all of your contacts will be interested in this type of networking, but the way to increase your visibility and gain exposure is to build up your number of friends online.

Once you've tried to get all of your contacts to join (and it's likely that many of them have at this point), then start growing your list of friends and contacts within the site. Often you can search for common interests, geographical locations, and other targeted information that will assist you in building a useful, relevant network with your blog site. Build up more and more contacts for your blog and build up your online community. This is the best way to build credibility within the social networking world.

Now that you've got your first blog site up and running smoothly, and you're starting to build a network there, look for other blog sites and social networking sites that are out there. Try Ning, Digg, Plaxo, or LinkedIn for more ideas. There are literally thousands to choose from. Each one of these sites is a little bit different in terms of focus, function, or purpose, so poke around and decide which ones might fit you best. But, whichever ones you choose, you will want to build your list of these sites up and build contacts on each one this will ultimately drive a lot of traffic to your site, based on how popular you can become with the social networking sites.

After you've gotten your blog site started, you will need to provide regular updates. With multiple sites, this can become very time consuming, so it may help to have a rotation or a plan to keep current with all of them. Add information consistently, so that your profiles stay current and lively. Join discussion forums, comment on other people's blogs, leave trackbacks, exchange links, ask questions that stimulate conversations, and do everything you can to increase your contacts and network connections.

Do you have any other great ideas about how to get a blog started?
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