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Why Insurance Agents Are Frustrated and Fed Up

Jun 24, 2008
For such a lucrative business it is unfortunate that most first year insurance agents do not renew their insurance license. Why is that? To start with, Big Insurance often tells the new insurance agent to make a list of 100 (or more) people they know to sell to, everyone from family to friends of friends, and then start dialing.

This is known as the infamous "project 100" which consists of bothering anyone the agent knows to make insurance sales to. The agent tries to sell them insurance, whether they need it or not. When they run out of friends and family then what? So what if the insurance company gave the agent a nice office. Who are they going to sell insurance to now? Most agents in this scenario quit only to become a statistic.

Or, the agent might be handed a 37 page list of phone numbers, maybe even the phone book, most of them dead or disconnected numbers from years ago, and they're told to start cold calling. Or the agent is commonly told about a fantastic lead system that is just a crumpled piece of paper with a few names and numbers. Of course everyone else in the building has already tried and failed to sell to these so called leads.

Newly licensed insurance agents are often told they just need to survive their first year in order to make some real income in their second year. Yeah right, what exactly do insurance agents get paid to do? The truth is, most agents won't or don't last that long because the big insurance companies set them up to fail by default.

It's no wonder insurance companies have morphed into churning factories, turning out agent after agent who decides to quit after investing time and money into taking the insurance exam and getting a few sales. The insurance company's managers are all too happy to accept the renewals left over from these agents. This might make the insurance companies and a few of the managers rich, but agents are fed up with this approach.

Agents are also tired of selling strategies that involve bait and switch techniques in which the agent promises the customer something for free, like a review of their government benefits, only to get in to their homes to sell something unrelated or something they just don't need. It's a "push and sell" style and it rarely works in the long term for agents.

At National Agents Alliance (NAA) we understand that what most agents need to thrive in the insurance business is a proven system. The NAA system consists of a mailed in response client lead program, a unique field underwriting process, a proven agent marketing program, and a powerful agency building opportunity. Systems help the agent make more money in less time and the foundation of our agents success is the exclusive NAA lead system.

A client response lead is the ultimate leverage in insurance sales. Unlike other insurance marketing organizations NAA owns its own lead company that provides its agents a consistent flow of qualified leads from potential clients across the country. This one of a kind program allows the agent to focus their efforts contacting prospects who have mailed a response letter back to the company. The end result is the agent spends most of their time in front of clients selling instead of prospecting.

In their own handwriting, homeowners are leaving contact details expecting an agent to call them back. The perfect marketing campaign in any business is one that can deliver potential clients who have identified a problem in their mind that you have a solution for. That is the backbone of the NAA lead program.

Taking this system-based approach has propelled NAA from $10 Million in sales in 2002 to over $140 Million in sales for 2007. NAA offers a full portfolio of life insurance and annuity products representing top A-rated companies like Old Mutual Life, ING, Foresters, and Aviva.

NAA believes its most important principle is to help others out first and you will be rewarded handsomely in return. This is the motto of Thomas Brown, an NAA agent who runs his own multi-million-dollar agency. My goal is to help change people's lives, to help them improve their lives, says Brown. I want to find winners, the next success story. I want to help people reach high levels of productivity and income. You can too by joining the next wave in the insurance business with NAA.
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We provide sales leads to our agents. These leads are returned by a homeowner in their own handwriting. This allows the agent to spend most of their time selling versus prospecting. Go to www.powerfulinsurancesales.com for more information.
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