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Do You Have What It Takes To Market The Internet Home Based Business Ideas

Jun 24, 2008
The only, and I mean ONLY, technique is located in a newbie`s attitude, skills and thoughts. This is the simple reason, why you must ask the right questions, before you even to think to enter into a program as a newbie.

1.Are You Competitive / Do You Like To Win?

The marketing of the internet home based business ideas happens always in the Net, where the competition is always present, day and night. The secret to reach your target is to be ready and willing to win whatever happens, even by over reacting.

2.Do You Want And Are You Capable To Work Independently?

Working with your internet home based business ideas happens by your PC at home. Sounds nice? But the price of this freedom is that you must have the discipline to work alone according to the plan. The only fellows you have are those at the forums.

3.Do You Like Stress Or Unwaited Things?

Stress comes from the situations, when things do not go according to the plan. Someone gets an extra motivation from that, someone will lose his ability to work or even quits the whole business.
How is it with you?

4.Do You Sit On The Driver`s Seat In Your Own Life?

For many people things just happen. How is it with you, do you decide what you want? Are you goal-minded, who sets the goals for day, week, month, year or for the whole life?

5.Are You Enthusiastic About Something?

Or do you work just because you need the salary to life? To run the internet home based business ideas requires the enthusiastic mind of the entrepreneur, because if you choose that route, you will be an entrepreneur.

6.Do You Like The Idea To Become A Leader?

Does this idea thrill you? That other people will regard you as an expert in your area? Are you willing to study all those things that is required for this?

7.Can You Keep Your Plan When You Face Errors?

Or do you have the ability to change the plan immediately, if you cannot reach your goals right away? Can you polish your mind quickly if needed or do the bad things bother you during a long period of time? Can you see mistakes as a learning process?

8.Are You Ready To Learn New Things?

Do you think, that you can conduct your thoughts by learning new things and this is actually the way to reach your goals? Are you ready to go outside your comfort zone?

9.Are You Ready To Take The Responsibility?

Do you think honestly, that you know what to do and that you are ready to take the responsibility about everything in the marketing of your internet home based business ideas without blaming others, when the necessary moment of failing has come?

10.Are You Able To Pick And Trust Your Mentors?

You will need one or two experienced tutors or mentors, who will guide you. Are you willing to take the advice from them or some other expert to be able to learn more?

11.Are You More Result Oriented Than Website Oriented?

If you just like to finetune the source code of your website without worrying the commercial results, maybe running the internet home based business ideas is not your area and you should concentrate on the coding.

12.Do You Regard Progress Over Perfectionism?

Running the internet home based business ideas means interactions with several people from several countries with several backgrounds. This brings a certain flavor into the business and very surely do not allow any kind of perfectionism but rather flexibility.

13.Are You Ready To Invest Into Self-Improvement Whatever Needed?

Success is the result of excellent skills and talents. This brings a requirement to improve your skills all the time and to follow the latest marketing news regularly. A willingness to read is a great ability. Do you want to read and to learn?

14.Do You Understand That A Business Start-Up Needs Extra Work?

It seems that many think that starting a new business is just fun, without any hard work and without any changes in the life. That is nonsense! To start running your internet home based business ideas requires huge sacrifices in the start-up phase and you must do them.

Did you like these questions? I would say that if your answer was positive to 10 out of these 14 questions, you will most probably succeed in the internet home business market.

With whatever result, I hope these questions can serve you as a personal checklist, when you ponder your inner things.
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